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Gotham Knights Co-Op Progression Explained

In "Gotham Knights," players can progress throughout the game's story with their friends. An exclusive gameplay video from IGN details exactly how the game's co-op system works, allowing multiple players traverse through the game's world and story alongside one another. As noted by the video, up to two players can join one another in "Gotham Knights" in order to patrol an open-world Gotham City, complete various missions, fight bosses like Mr. Freeze, and progress the game's story.

The "Gotham Knights" co-op system is very simple. One players serves as the "host" while another guest player joins that player's "host" world. Once that happens, however, things get a bit more complicated. According to IGN, co-op play is completely "untethered," which means that when a guest player joins a host's world, they can explore this host's world without ever having to interact with the host. This potentially creates all sorts of fun and organic "meet-up" scenarios in which the two players can run into one another while fighting crime and exploring Gotham City. Despite the untethered nature of this co-op, however, both the host and guest player will have the opportunity to progress their games, albeit in very different ways.

Level up while you team up with other heroes

There are two types of progression to take note of while playing co-op in "Gotham Knights": story progression and hero progression. While the host player will benefit from both, the guest player will only be able to benefit from hero progression. As noted in the gameplay preview from IGN, guest player progression can come in the form of gaining both loot and experience points while battling evil in another player's world, and these bonuses are retained when the guest player returns to their own game.

Upon return, however, the story of the game returns to whatever point it was at before you left to join another player. However, this doesn't mean you'll have to replay major missions twice. According to the IGN video, if you completed a villain arc, major story beat, or dungeon while playing in a friend's world, you'll be given the option to skip those missions in your own story. In other words, in "Gotham Knights," co-op play will integrate seamlessly into each player's experience. You don't have to replay big moments unless you want to.