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Tron: Identity - What We Know So Far

Starting with the classic Disney film released in 1982, the "Tron" franchise is one of the most celebrated and beloved science-fiction properties in entertainment. Set in a computer mainframe known as The Grid where digitized forms of people can communicate with other computer programs, "Tron" was one of the first films to ever utilize computer-generated imagery (CGI) as a central figure in its production and even played a role in influencing future films, like "Toy Story," set completely in digital worlds. Because of its digital foundation, "Tron" is a prime target for video game adaptations and tie-ins. And despite being away from the spotlight for years, the sci-fi franchise will return in the near future to video game platforms with "Tron: Identity."

Announced in mid-September, not much is currently known about "Tron: Identity" and how it ties in to the overarching IP it's spawned from. However, there have been some valuable nuggets of information that have been disclosed by the developer. Here's everything we currently know about the upcoming "Tron: Identity."

Does Tron: Identity have a release date?

"Tron: Identity" was announced during the 2022 D23 Expo event — a Disney-centric showcase event — on September 9, 2022. Not many details were released about the game, but a vague release window was disclosed. According to the official press release for the game, "Tron: Identity" will be released at some point during 2023 (via IGN). Outside of that, no other specifics have been shared in regards to when in 2023 the game will be available. "Tron: Identity" will be released for the PC via Steam and can currently be wishlisted. No other platforms have been confirmed.

"Tron: Identity" will mark the first time a "Tron"-themed video game has hit the market since 2010, which saw the release of "Tron: Evolution" and "Tron: Evolution: Battle Grids" which were both tie-ins to the film "Tron: Legacy." It is also the first standalone game in the franchise since "Tron 2.0" in 2004. Originally, "Tron 2.0" was meant to be a sequel to the original 1982 film. However, after the release of "Tron: Legacy" in 2010, this was later retconned and "Tron 2.0" was later clarified to be a non-canon entry set in an alternative universe. It is currently unknown whether or not "Tron: Identity" will be a fully fledged canonical entry into the legendary sci-fi franchise. However, canon or not, fans of the sci-fi IP have been going wild at a new "Tron" video game hitting the market after so many years.

Is there a trailer for Tron: Identity?

A teaser trailer for "Tron: Identity" was released on Sept. 9, 2022. Admittedly, the teaser doesn't show much of anything in terms of characters, settings, or story elements. Outside of the names of the companies that are behind the project, the only piece of perceptible imagery used in the trailer is an Identity Disc, an essential piece of hardware in the "Tron" universe used for both recording someone's experience in the Game Grid and even as a weapon.

Obviously, this is a very vague look into the new title, but according to creative director Mike Bithell and producer Heidy Vargas, more information about "Tron: Identity" will soon be released. It's also important to note that in an exclusive interview with IGN, some screenshots of the game were released, showing things such as dialogue options and even what appears to be some kind of puzzle. Other than that, much of the game remains a mystery.

What will the gameplay be like in Tron Identity?

According to the official press release, "Tron: Identity" will be a visual novel adventure (via IGN). The game is structured like a crime thriller and follows a Disciple of Tron detective named Query attempting to solve a crime within the Grid. As seen in the screenshots during an IGN interview with creative director Mike Bithell and producer Heidy Vargas, the game seems like it will be dictated by dialogue options as selected by the player. According to Bithell, the game will be a hybrid of many different genres, comparing it to past titles from the studio such as "The Solitaire Conspiracy."

"We talk a lot [within] the team that this is a world created literally by a game designer, and that just kind of frees you up to do a lot of really interesting stuff to kind of have a lot of cool mechanical quirks to it," Bithell told IGN, discussing how "Identity" will differ from past "Tron" games. "In terms of what's different, I think here obviously the focus on story, the focus on character, and the focus on that investigative aspect I think kind of sets it aside. It's maybe not the game people immediately expect from a 'Tron' game because we are playing with those things, but I think it's a hopefully really cool introduction to this world."