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The Quickest Way To Level Up In Temtem

When it comes to monster-catching games, the "Pokémon" franchise has been a top dog for decades. However, there are plenty of other passionate developers that have created their own take on catching and raising digital critters. "Temtem" is an MMO that released in Early Access on Steam back in 2020 and it's a creature-collecting game that isn't a part of Nintendo's house of cards. Despite "TemTem" encountering some serious problems at first, the game reached its official release on Steam and consoles a few months ahead of "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet."


Similar to other MMOs on the market, "Temtem" requires players to finish the title's story before they're able to participate in end-game content. So players should prioritize the narrative if they want to experience everything the game offers. However, even after players reach the end of the story, there are incentives to continue leveling up. There's also quite a bit of multiplayer content, and staying on top of the level cap means staying on top of the competitive scene.

Luckily, there are a few ways to make leveling Temtem a breeze.

Don't evolve Temtem

There are several ways to level up your Temtem, but one method shines above the rest. According to Gym Leader Ed, the quickest way to level up Temtem is to keep them in their lowest evolved form. This is because Temtem level up faster before they evolve, so overall, players will need much less total experience to reach max level. Using this tip, players can save a lot of time if they're trying to raise multiple Temtem. 


Players can stop the evolution process up through level 99 or 100, depending on how many evolutions the Temtem has. And, of course, if players decide they'd rather let their Temtem evolve, that's always an option.

While this tip is sure to make leveling Temtem somewhat more manageable, several items can help to make the entire process all the smoother — and players can even stack them to reap outlandish bonuses.

Items make leveling Temtem easier

Three major items can help players level their Temtem: Coward's CloakCoward's Blanket, and Learning Aid.

Coward's Cloak allows a Temtem to gain battle experience without needing to put themself in harm's way. As YouTuber Gamer Guru shows, players can find the Coward's Cloak in the Sillaro River by heading out on their surfboard and battling foes until they reach the end of the path. 


The Coward's Blanket is similar to the Coward's Cloak, except it applies the bonus to an entire team of Temtem as opposed to just one. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to level multiple new Temtem quickly. Players will need to accept the Travel Writer quest from Tarlae in Nanga to get the Coward's Blanket, as shown by YouTuber RPG Gaming Guides by Ray. The blanket is a reward after completing all six objectives. Once players have the Coward's Blanket, it can be activated (or deactivated) in the Key section of the bag.

Last but not least is the Learning Aid. This item will reward your Temtem with double experience for 30 minutes. While these can be found sparingly around the map, they're generally received as rewards in post-game content. Players can activate them from their bag whenever they want to use one.


With these items, and the bounty of pre-evolved experience, players should find that they have a much easier time leveling up their favorite Temtem.