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Like A Dragon: Ishin! - What We Know So Far About The Yakuza Spin-Off

Revealed during the September 13 PlayStation State of Play, "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" is a remake from Ryu Ga Gotoku (RGG) Studios. The game plays similar to "Yakuza" but takes place in 1860s Japan as the era of the Samurai comes to an end. While it was announced during the PlayStation State of Play, the game is launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam in February 2023.


The original game "Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin!" was originally released on PS3 and PS4 in 2014 as a spin-off of the "Yakuza" series, but was never localized and released in the West. This remake will be the first time the game is available outside of Japan, completely remade in the Dragon Engine, which RGG Studios has used for its recent games, "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" and "Judgment." Here's everything we know so far about RGG Studios' "Like a Dragon: Ishin!"

Like a Dragon: Ishin! has a familiar looking cast

According to the PlayStation Blog, despite taking place over 100 years before the "Yakuza" series, fans of the franchise might recognize some familiar faces in "Like a Dragon: Ishin!." According to global community manager for Sega of America David Hinds, the reason is that RGG Studios has chosen to cast familiar characters into different roles for this experience. The main character, Sakamoto Ryoma, is played by the series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.


Goro Majima and other familiar faces round out the rest of the cast. While it might take some getting used to watching Kiryu wield a gun or a sword instead of just his fists, having a familiar feeling cast will likely bring fans of the series into this spin-off title. Plus, the blog post teases some interesting story twists, so fans will get to see these characters in wacky and new situations. Regardless, fans of the series should feel right at home in "Like a Dragon: Ishin!." Here's everything revealed in the "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" trailer.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! trailer and story

The "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" trailer is 90 seconds of classic "Yakuza" melodrama and action. As for the story, the PlayStation Blog offers more information about what players can expect from this new adventure. Taking place in the 1860s in Japan, the game stars Sakamoto Ryoma, a historical figure. The story will cover the end of the Samurai era and how Ryoma helped revolutionize Japan by overthrowing the shogunate and changing the landscape of the country permanently.


The Steam page offers a few more details about Sakamoto's motivations. Sakamoto has come to Kyoto to search for his father's killer in an era of great inequality in the city and country. Sakamoto is also aiming to clear his name of murder and restore his honor. While "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" doesn't include the usual "Yakuza" story of drama between the families controlling Japan, it does sound like it's short of the same wild and wacky storytelling the franchise is known for.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Gameplay

The "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" trailer offered a few glimpses of gameplay and the PlayStation Blog has more details about what fans can expect from the game. First and foremost, "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" is an action-brawler game, similar to the majority of the "Yakuza" series and does not have the turn-based combat introduced in "Yakuza: Like a Dragon." While most fans of the series know what to expect from the gameplay, there are a few things that make "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" unique.


As detailed in the PlayStation Blog, Sakamoto will have access to four different styles of fighting. The first is Swordsman style, which focuses on the blade. The second is Gunman style, focused on using your trusty firearm to take down enemies. The third is the Wild Dancer style, which combines the sword and the gun in a flurry of attacks. The fourth is the Brawler style, which lets your fists do the talking. "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" also features some of the wild and absurd heat actions the series is known for, like summoning a tiger to attack your foes or shoving pickled plums down enemies throats. Fans won't have to wait too long to play "Like a Dragon: Ishin!" which releases in February, 2023.