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The Real Miami Locations The GTA 6 Leak Apparently Revealed

The "Grand Theft Auto" series has always played in a video game world that looks a little bit like our own. For instance, "GTA 5" and "GTA Online" take place in Los Santos, a city that suspiciously looks a lot like Los Angeles, complete with its own Hollywood analogue. One of the most popular games in the series, "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," takes place in the titular metropolis, which is based heavily on Miami, FL as it appeared in the 1980s. And as fans are learning — thanks to the massive "GTA 6" leaks that appeared earlier today — it looks like the next game in the series is following the trend.

Eagle-eyed fans think they recognize a number of Miami landmarks in the newly leaked "GTA 6" footage, which seems to indicate that the geography of the new game is even closer to the real world than previous entries. Here's what they spotted.

A return to Vice City/Miami?

As pointed out by "GTA" fan and content creator Joel Franco on Twitter, the leaked footage shows off one of the new protagonists sneaking around a number of familiar areas in Miami. Franco noted, "We can see Miami Beach's Lummus Park, the Metromover in Miami and amphitheater at Bayfront Park." While Franco was still unsure if the images were legit, the idea of "a modern day Vice City" was very exciting to him. Other fans have since linked to clips of the protagonist tooling around Miami, including a brief clip of him hopping over behind the seats in the amphitheater. 

It's unclear if these areas will be involved in a heist of some kind, or if they're just set dressing to make the world of "GTA 6" feel a little more lived-in, but it's certainly exciting to see this attention to detail in the new game. If nothing else, this may finally show gamers why the title has been in development for so long.