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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Easiest Ways To Make Money Fast

"Disney Dreamlight Valley", a life sim developed by Gameloft and released on early access in 2022, has been quite a pleasant surprise. With its enjoyable, familiar gameplay, varied character roster of Disney favorites, and relaxed vibe, the game is reviewing well and is proving popular with the community.


Like most games of its ilk, resource gathering and management is an important aspect of the "Disney Dreamlight Valley" experience. Along with Dreamlight, the resource gained by completing in-game tasks, Star Coins are vital if you want to upgrade your house and valley in "Disney Dreamlight Valley." You will need Star Coins to purchase furniture, decorations, houses, and crafting resources, all necessary to progress.

However, resource farming can be time-consuming, repetitive, and even annoying. Luckily, there are several efficient money-making methods in "Disney Dreamlight Valley" that allow you to get back to hanging out with your favorite characters and progressing through the game faster.

First, focus on removing the Night Thorns that have sprouted up around the valley. Uprooting them grants Star Coins, and can potentially spawn a treasure chest containing goodies that you can either use or sell to Goofy later. Once you've progressed enough through the story to acquire the fishing rod, pickaxe, spade, and watering can, you can start farming resources in earnest.


Return to nature

In the early game, fishing, mining, and farming are your friends. You can also get Star Coins, along with other rewards, from leveling up your friendships with other characters, so it's a good idea to get someone to tag along with you while you work. Not only does hanging out with a character raise your friendship level, it can also grant you extra rewards if the character's chosen skill matches the activity you're doing.


Fishing is fairly straightforward, as Gamers Heroes explains. Check bodies of water for ripples, and cast your line. Different colored ripples indicate a fish's rarity, so watch out for blue and gold fishing spots.

When mining, look out for black rocks sticking out of walls, particularly ones with visible gems. These gems are where the value lies, as they can be sold to Goofy for hundreds of Star Coins depending on their rarity. However, this doesn't mean you should ignore the ore deposits with no visible gems – they can still be mined from plain deposits!

Meanwhile, set up a farming area to start a steady passive income stream. Start with carrots until you unlock the Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor areas, then move on to farming and selling canola. It might be a good idea to place your farm plots close to your own house or Goofy's stall, so you can quickly harvest, sell, and reset your crops between gem sales. All three of these core activities have in-game tutorials to make learning simple and fun.


Time to cook!

However, as many players who want to make money fast in their open worlds will know, raw resources alone will not get you through the mid- to late-game money ceiling. Not every game is like "Red Dead Redemption 2", where you can throw a few pelts at a mustachioed man and wind up with him paying you. It's time to start making things, and to do that you'll need to unlock Remy. Once you have Remy in the valley, you'll be able to purchase ingredients to bolster your cooking recipes and generate some serious profit.


The most lucrative recipe in the game is currently Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish, which sells for 2,200 Star Coins. You can catch anglerfish once you've unlocked the Forgotten Lands area, and they sell for 1,500 "Star Coins" on their own so are already fairly valuable even before you add the secret sauce. If you want to maximize your profit, head over to "Chez Remy" to purchase peanuts from Remy, available after you've completed the "Remy's Recipe Book" quest. Use a stove to combine your anglerfish and peanuts, et voilà. Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish and a nice big stack of Star Coins (via VG247).