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How Fallout 4's DLC Will Make It Even Better

Even though it's been out since November 10, 2015, we still have lots of exploring to do in Fallout 4. Whether we've completed the main quest or not, the Commonwealth is rife with settlements to defend, dungeons to explore, and a myriad of incredible creatures to avoid for fear of death. And while there are gamers who have ripped through most of what Fallout 4 has to offer, they shouldn't worry about running out of things to do since Bethesda is starting up their downloadable content schedule. They've got three major pieces of DLC lined up, with the first debuting in March 2016.

In terms of content, players will be treated to Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and the first big, story-based DLC, Far Harbor. Bethesda's not stopping there and will release even more DLC afterwards. Because of the expanded DLC plan, Bethesda decided to up the price of admission, the cost of the Season Pass from $29.99 to $49.99. Make sure you take a Rad-X and arm yourself, because we're exploring how Fallout 4's DLC will expand your adventures in the Commonwealth.


Shake up your shacks

The Wasteland Workshop DLC is aimed at getting your settlements even better looking. You might be proud of the hours you've spent trying to rig the perfect defense system and creating your rickety version of the Burj Khalifa using nothing but metal tubing, but the Workshop is going to make sure you've got more tools at your disposal. Your settlement will be the envy of all scraggly wasters. Players who fancy themselves as designers will get nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and more, assuring hours and hours of decorating. Who says you can't look fly in the post-apocalyptic wasteland?

Pet Deathclaws vs. Everyone

The Wasteland Workshop will also allow you to build and set traps, so you can catch anything from the occasional lowly raider to the walking stack of nightmares known as a Deathclaw. "What's the point in catching a Deathclaw?" you might ask? Well, after you catch a critter, you'll be able to tame them. Yes, you can have your very own Deathclaw as a pet. What's even cooler is that you can have your pets battle others, like some kind of nightmarish, post-apocalyptic version of Pokemon, only less child-friendly. "Deathclawchu, I choose you!"

More robots—and hopefully more Fusion Cores!

You know what the Commonwealth could use? A robot uprising. What better way to infuse a little more pep in your step and to give you something more to do with these killer buckets of bolts than by dropping the Automatron DLC on you? You'll get to go up against the Mechanist and his army of metal soldiers. Let's hope this influx of robots will come a treasure trove of Fusion Cores! You might have built up quite a cache of them, but if there are more robots out there, chances are that you'll find even more Fusion Cores. That means you can keep your precious Power Armor operating at full capacity. Die, robot!

Build a buddy

What's better than fighting robots and taking their parts? Using those parts to create your very own robo-buddy, that's what! While we're perfectly happy with the companions we get, some of which are robots themselves (like Curie), it'll be a different thing altogether to have a companion that we built. Collect parts from the Mechanist's destroyed bots to build your own, outfitting it with different mods, limbs, armor, and more. You can choose what they sound like, look like, and even equip them with devastating weapons, like the all-new Lightning Chain Gun.

New quests, factions, and goodies

There are going to be two great things about the Far Harbor DLC. One, it has you taking on a special case from Nick Valentine's Detective Agency. And two, it's the first big piece of story-based DLC. Players who have exhausted, or at least think they've exhausted, everything the Commonwealth has to offer in terms of story will be glad to hop on a boat to explore Far Harbor—an island off the coast of Maine. This irradiated island is filled with all kinds of dangerous wildlife. Despite the rads, this island is home to all-new quests, factions, settlements, and more. Judging by the aesthetics, it'll be a far different place than most Sole Survivors are used to exploring and will offer even more dungeons with brand-new critters to kill. You'll also take part in a conflict between the Synths and the Children of the Atom, and we all know how fun both of those groups can be!

A change of pace and scenery

The best part about Far Harbor will be the fresh scenery it will provide. There's only so much one can take of the desolation of the Commonwealth, both inside and outside of its more urban areas. Giving us an island to explore with a decidedly bluer color scheme will be a welcome change, especially after months of seeing the light-green, extremely questionable puddles of "water" littered around the ruins of Boston. The isolated feeling of being stuck on an island with high concentrations of radiation should make for some great encounters with dangerous, mutated creatures and run-ins with the locals. We better bring the Experimental MIRV. You never know when you'll need it.