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Dead By Daylight: The 2 Best And 2 Worst Killers

"Dead by Daylight" has changed a lot over the years, with a recent major update completely upending the meta for survivor mains. But the same questions about the game have persisted: which perks should you choose? Which killer is best? Should you boop that friendly Pig?


The answer to the last question is obvious: yes. However, the other two are more difficult to pinpoint. Luckily, the community has Otzdarva: killer main, animal enthusiast, and overworked dad to fellow Hardcore Survivor teammates Ayrun, Dowsey, and JRM. Otz has dedicated a large portion of his channel output to creating detailed tier lists guides for players at all levels of "Dead by Daylight." One such tier list, updated regularly, is his killers tier list.

Based on Otz's list, there are five killers in the lowest tier, but we can whittle this down to two by comparing each killer's skill ceiling, add-on quality, adaptability in unhook scenarios, and map dependency.

The worst: The Nightmare and The Onryo

The killer who comes out at the bottom of the list is "The Nightmare," or Freddy Krueger of "Nightmare on Elm Street" infamy. Freddy may be relatively easy to pick up, as a killer who relies on his primary attack (an "M1 killer"), but his lack of competitive add-ons and difficult early game puts him at a disadvantage against a group of savvy survivors.


Slightly above Freddy is "The Onryo," known as Sadako Yamamura from "The Ring." Unlike Freddy, Sadako comes equipped with a large suite of abilities. She can teleport using televisions dotted around the map, can manifest and unmanifest her body, and builds a "Condemn" meter on survivors which, if maxed out, allows her to perform a "Mori," or insta-kill. It's possible that these abilities have been overstretched, complicating Sadako to the point where she is more of a gimmick than a competitor. As Otz points out, "Condemn" can be meaningless if it isn't pushed, which takes time away from putting pressure on the survivors and can backfire.

It doesn't help that there are better alternatives to both of these killers. "The Hag" teleports around the map in a way similar to Sadako and Freddy, and comes equipped with a set of add-ons that bolster her pressure considerably. Like Sadako, "The Spirit" can phase in and out and land devastating surprise attacks or close loops and force survivors to change their pathing, with the benefit of additional stealth mechanics and powerful add-ons.


The best: The Nurse and The Blight

When it comes to the best killers, there doesn't seem to be much of a contest. These two characters have incredible add-ons, powerful ability suites, and can adapt to most maps.

First is "The Nurse," which shouldn't be a surprise. She's been one of the strongest killers ever since she was added to the game. Don't be fooled by her slow movements; "The Nurse" can blink across the map and strike if timed right, and can chain her blinks for distance. Because of the uncertainty of her movements, a good Nurse player can outwit some of the best survivors, and can supplement her naturally high pressure with a variety of builds. No matter what level you're at, there's always a feeling of dread when you're up against a Nurse.


Someone at Behavior is really scared of medical stuff. First we had a nurse, and now we have a chemist who known as "The Blight." Blight comes equipped with "Pustula Serum" syringes which, when injected, give him a massive speed boost. Although he cannot attack during this "Rush," Blight can deliver a blow at the end using his "Lethal Rush," which can damage survivors or destroy breakable objects. Even better, Blight is bouncy. If you want to switch direction, extend your rush, or activate "Lethal Rush," slam Blight into an obstacle. You'll bounce, open a window to make your next move, and carry on your speedy way. Whether you're a friendly Blight or a sweaty Blight, you'll always have survivors on edge.