Return To Monkey Island: How To Solve The Mop Puzzle

"Return to Monkey Island," the long-awaited sequel from the original creators of "The Secret of Monkey Island" has finally arrived. This modern take on the point-and-click genre still has some of the classic pitfalls — which include some puzzles that require impressive leaps in logic. The reviews for "Return to Monkey Island" have all said the same thing, praising the great puzzles and the game's charming sense of humor. The title even takes a hilarious shot at "The Elder Scrolls" series via a set of horse armor which, as players might have guessed, does absolutely nothing.


For all its humor and lightheartedness, "Return to Monkey Island" can feature some intimidating puzzles. In fact, one of the more complex puzzles even occurs early on in the title. In order to become a part of LeChuck's crew, players will need a mop. That said, getting a mop is easier said than done. Here's how players can solve the mop puzzle in "Return to Monkey Island."

Make your own mop

Players start by attempting to become part of LeChuck's crew, but the only position available is swabbie — and every good swabbie needs a mop. Before leaving, note the slogan on the Carla election poster. After, see if the cook at the nearby Scumm Bar will part with his mop. When he won't, go to the pier near the bar and pick up the tangled string. Next, head to Low Street to read the Carla statue and note the location mentioned. Then, go to the International House of Mojo and purchase the knife and forgiveness frog. Finally, head to the Governor's Mansion and ask to borrow the ingredients book.


Players must use the frog and the quill to write Carla an apology. The first two phrases are "Dear Carla" and "Sorry for losing the book I borrowed." The following two phrases are the slogan from the poster and the location on the statue. Once given to Carla, she'll offer an ingredients book.

Back at the bar, give the chef the ingredients book and carve out a piece of the mop with the knife. Wally at Maps-n-More will trade the piece of wood for a map to the Mop Tree. Enter the forest near the Museum of Pirate lore and use the map to follow a path identified by specific plants. At the tree, use the knife to carve out more mop wood and combine it with the tangled string to make the mop.