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Skull & Bones Just Got Hit With Yet Another Delay

Ubisoft's pirate game "Skull & Bones" has once again been delayed, this time setting its horizons on a 2023 release date. Announced via a tweet on the official "Skull & Bones" account, the game's release will be moving from Nov. 8, the day the "Skull & Bones" graphic novel releases, to March 9, 2023. As for the explanation for why the game needed to be delayed again, the post cited a need to improve upon the game based on feedback from some insiders testing the game. The post did tease an open beta coming sometime in the future, although nothing specific was revealed.

This is not the first time "Skull & Bones" has been delayed, as it was planned to release in 2019 at one point in time. The multiplayer-focused title is designed around sailing the seas with your friends.

As for why Ubisoft hasn't released the multimillion dollar project just yet, some reporting from Kotaku in 2021 suggested that development has not been going well for "Skull & Bones." Some sources said that the project has not had a focused and clear vision during its development. While some developers were surprised the game hadn't been canceled, a supposed deal with Singapore, where the game is being developed, requires that the game is released eventually. It's unclear if those reasons caused this delay, but regardless, fans will have to wait until 2023 to play "Skull & Bones."