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Gundam Evolution: The Easiest Way To Get Capital

"Gundam Evolution" is a free-to-play shooter inspired by numerous different "Gundam" series. The hero shooter is currently available on PC, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 versions launching on December 1, 2022. As with many free-to-play games, you're going to need to grind out in-game currency, or Capital Points in "Gundam Evolution," by performing different challenges. The 6v6 shooter takes a page out of the "Overwatch" playbook, featuring a variety of different Gundam units, each equipped with their own special skills and abilities.


New Gundam units can be purchased using paid premium currency or by using Capital Points. Naturally, most players will want to grind out new unlocks using the in-game currency, which means you need to earn it as fast as possible, in order to earn new Gundam units and have access to more playstyles. Here's how you can easily earn some Capital Points in "Gundam Evolution."

How to easily earn Capital Points in Gundam Evolution

According to GameRant, it takes 1,980 Capital Points to unlock a new unit in "Gundam Evolution." There are two ways to earn Capital Points, however, both of these methods unfortunately are limited. The first is to complete the beginner challenges given to all new players. These challenges can be viewed on the main menu under the challenge banner. The challenges are time gated over the course of a few days, but once all of them are complete you will have enough Capital Points to purchase a new unit.


The second method is progressing the battle pass for "Gundam Evolution." In the free tier of the battle pass, you can earn 1,000 Capital Points at tier 18 and 1,000 Capital Points at tier 58. Combined, that's enough CP to unlock another Gundam unit. Unfortunately, as pointed out by a Reddit user, once you have earned the Capital Points from these two methods, there is no other way to earn Capital Points or unlock new Gundam units without spending real money.