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Small Details Only True Fans Noticed In The New Mario Movie Poster

Fans of "Super Mario Bros." have been waiting with bated breath ever since it was announced that Illumination Studios would be bringing the iconic plumber to the big screen. Although Illumination has a number of hits to its name, including the beloved Minions franchise, fans have been unsure about how this Chris Pratt-starring animated movie will turn out. After all, video game movies don't necessarily have the best track record, especially when it comes to "Super Mario Bros."


Well, the latest poster for the new movie may put some of those fears to rest. Ahead of the premiere of the first trailer for the movie — which is expected to arrive on October 6 during a Nintendo Direct livestream — Nintendo has debuted a one-sheet that shows just how faithful the movie is going to be to the source material. The poster depicts Mario staring ahead at the vast Mushroom Kingdom, surrounded by all kinds of characters and iconography from the beloved game series. And while the poster seemingly gives prospective viewers a good feel for the movie's whimsical tone, there are also a number of easter eggs hidden throughout the image that only true "Mario" fans might catch.

Some familiar items being sold

One quick look at the "Super Mario Bros." poster and long-time Mario fans will notice a ton of recognizable items from Mario's past in the Antiques shop situated to the plumber's left. The Antiques shop is hard to miss, thanks to its giant red and white sign that bears the word "Antiques" written in pixelated font. There's also its secondary sign, which is shaped like the iconic hammer power-up from many of his adventures, including the original "Donkey Kong."


The inside of the shop is full of familiar items, such as the bouncy Note blocks first introduced in "Super Mario Bros. 2," the P Switch from "Super Mario Bros. 3" and other games, as well as what appears to be a paper chest ripped straight out of "Paper Mario." There is also a basket of items in the front of the store with a green key, among other indistinguishable items. However, the biggest easter egg in the shop is a literal egg. Mario fans will undoubtedly recognize a Yoshi egg encased in a box in the far corner of the shop. And who knows, maybe this means Yoshi will make an appearance in the movie.

An aquarium of enemies

The poster also pays homage to the waterworlds of Mario's adventures with several aquatic foes being referenced. First, in the bottom right, a purple toad can be seen carrying a fish in a plastic bag, much like one might carry a goldfish bought from a pet store. This fish is, in fact, a Cheep Cheep, an enemy whose history goes all the way back to the original "Super Mario Bros." for the NES. Since its first appearance, Cheep Cheep has become a staple of the series, appearing in most mainline "Mario" games.


Further, more watery enemies can be seen on the sign almost directly above that purple toad's head. This sign also features a Cheep Cheep on the left, as well as a Spiny Cheep Cheep, seen all the way on the right. This alternate Cheep Cheep first turned up in "Super Mario Bros. 3" and, despite its unique appearance, was similar to a normal Cheep Cheep although more eager to chase after Mario.

Finally, in the central part of the sign, fans can see a Jellybeam and a partially obscured Urchin. Jellybeam first appeared in "New Super Mario Bros." for the Wii and was actually more helpful than harmful. Jellybeams were easily avoided and lit the way in dark caves. Meanwhile, Urchins debuted in "Super Mario World" for the SNES. Featuring simple movement patterns, these baddies would follow a vertical or horizontal path and block Mario's way, forcing the player to wait for them to move and then quickly swim past.


A treasure trove of easter eggs

Looking up from the Spiny Cheep Cheep on the aquarium sign, fans may notice another sign featuring a simple drawing of a treasure chest. This sign would seem to indicate the store is selling valuable treasure, but it also references a beloved element of "Super Mario Bros. 3" for the NES. In this classic "Mario" title, the player would periodically come across Toad Houses while exploring the map and selecting which level to tackle. Entering a Toad House would find Mario in a small room with a Toad and three of these treasure chests. Toad would tell Mario to choose one, informing him that "its contents will help you on your way."


Older gamers can most likely hear the charming music in their heads just thinking about these Toad Houses and the treasure inside. Players could find power-ups like mushrooms, stars, and even the coveted Tanooki Suit. Toad Houses offering treasure have returned in many games since, but this sign specifically honors the simple design of the original 2D treasure box. Spotting this on the poster will surely spark a wave of nostalgia for longtime fans.

Captain Toad is there to guide Mario

Mario fans will easily recognize Captain Toad at the forefront of the poster with his oversized backpack and headlamp guiding Mario down the street. Captain Toad was first introduced in "Super Mario Galaxy" as a side character, but was later given their very own Wii U puzzle game entitled "Captain Toad Treasure Tracker." Captain Toad is known for honing their skills as a navigator to search for their stolen treasure. And in "Super Mario Odyssey," the brave Toad often ends up in places well off the beaten path due to their eagerness to explore. Because Toad is an experienced explorer, there isn't anyone more equipped to show Mario around the Mushroom Kingdom than Captain Toad. 


Keegan-Michael Key was previous announced as the voice of Toad, but this appears to be the first confirmation of Captain Toad's appearance in the movie. The introduction of Captain Toad also excitedly signals that the "Super Mario Bros." movie will be taking cues from both classic and modern Mario.