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Pokémon Go: How To Beat The Mega Lopunny Raid

In 2016, "Pokémon Go" established itself as the smash hit no one saw coming. According to Polygon, it destroyed previous records, becoming the most-downloaded mobile game of all time on the Apple Store within a week of its release. Almost three years later, the title had pulled in over $2.65 billion in revenue. Since then, players have dominated gyms and fought against Team Rocket's Giovanni while developer Niantic adds (and removes) new features.


In 2020, Niantic added Mega Evolution and Mega Raids to "Pokémon Go." As the name suggests, these battles center on Mega-Evolved Pokémon Bosses and can be any tier, ranging from one-star to legendary. One such boss players may encounter is Mega Lopunny. The evolution of Buneary, Mega Lopunny has a higher Attack stat and a host of resistances. A four-star Mega Raid Boss, Mega Lopunny is just tough enough to need a bit of strategy.

Beating Mega Lopunny takes good matchups

To take down Mega Lopunny, use Pokémon that counter it. A fighting-normal type Pokémon, Mega Lopunny has quite a few weaknesses to take advantage of: Psychic, Fighting, Fairy, and Flying.

When putting together your Pokémon lineup, you need to consider damage type optimization. First, each Pokémon has two different attacks for Gyms and Raids, which you can find when viewing the Pokémon. A Psychic Pokémon may not have Psychic moves, so make sure you doublecheck your attack lists and pick Pokémon that have two attack types that work well against Mega Lopunny. Avoid Pokémon with moves of the Bug, Dark, Ghost, or Rock types.


While you ideally want a lineup of six Pokémon with Super Effective moves against Mega Lopunny, you can also use a lineup of generally powerful Pokémon if enough people join the raid. This can work well for groups of four or more players that have Pokémon with CPs higher than 3,000.