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How To Get The True Ending In Persona 5 Royal

"Persona 5 Royal" was first released in 2019, revitalizing the original "Persona 5" with an extended version of the game. The title was released first on PlayStation 4, but now it's coming to new platforms. Players on PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox consoles, and PC will be able to dive into "Persona 5 Royal" on October 21, 2022. While many people are waiting for "Persona 6" and contemplating what they want to see in the sequel, others are replaying "Persona 5 Royal" or will soon be playing it for the first time.


One of the endearing things about "Persona 5 Royal" is the multiple different endings players can get. It adds replayability to the game and can offer players a new story experience with each play-through. However, unlocking every ending can be difficult, especially if players don't know the requirements. The true ending, in particular, can be a bit difficult to figure out, but as long as the correct actions are taken, players shouldn't have too much trouble working toward it. 

Here's how players can see the true ending in "Persona 5 Royal."

Social Links and bizarre offers

The true ending of "Persona 5 Royal" requires a few tasks be completed and a few offers denied — but it's time sensitive. These tasks are centered around the Social Links built with other NPCs, and there are specific dates players will want to have reached these relationship milestones. Thankfully, fans on Reddit have made it easier for other players trying to unlock the secret ending.


According to Reddit user GuitarHero6896, a few different Social Links must be completed by specific dates in the game. The Justice Social Link with Goro Akechi has to be at rank eight by 11/18, the Faith Social Link with Kasumi Yoshizawa has to be at rank five by 12/18, and max out the Councillor Confidant with Takuto Maruki by 11/18.

Reddit user iwantamostpitfuineral finished the guide, explaining that there are three times when the player will be offered a mysterious but off-the-wall offer. As long as players deny the odd offers, the true ending will be unlocked, and players can finish the game.