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The Best And Worst Overwatch 2 Characters To Counter Bastion

Early reviews for "Overwatch 2" all said the same thing – it's a great game, but it's not perfect. Players were aware of potential problems prior to the game's launch, and many had serious worries about the game. However, once they had their hands on the game, players found that some heroes were difficult to play against. 


Bastion is one such Hero. With a powerful and unique kit, he can be frustrating to play against for players that don't know how to counter him. He mainly deals damage as either a slow tank with a rotating cannon or by running and gunning with a super accurate, automatic gun. Bastion also has a grenade that can bounce off of walls, exploding once it hits enemies or the ground. Where Bastion can really dish damage out is with his artillery mode, which makes him an immobile weapon that can shoot three hyper-powerful shots.

For the most part, Bastion's weaknesses lie in his mobility issues. Reddit user Meeds85 explained that the key to fighting Bastion is taking advantage of that decreased mobility with attacks from behind him (as well as some type of sleep/stun and major burst damage).


Luckily, there are a few Heroes that can do this pretty well.

Bastion counters: Genji, Tracer, and Junkrat

When it comes to Heroes with high mobility, Tracer stands out because of her Blink ability, which allows her to teleport a small distance in any direction she's moving. This helps her both get to Bastion and get behind him, which means Tracer can survive and dish out damage. Plus, her Recall ability lets her get out of sticky situations, meaning that she's relatively safe while trying to charge Bastion down.


Genji is another great option for countering Bastion. His Swift Strike ability allows him to dash forward and deal damage to anyone in front of him, letting him get to Bastion, and then behind Bastion, incredibly quickly. Plus, his Deflect ability keeps him safe while he still has plenty of damage to do once he gets to Bastion easily. Junkrat also excels against Bastion because he can launch himself with his Concussion Mine, traversing long distances and even giving himself the perfect angle to easily soar over Bastion's head and behind him.

While these Heroes are great for going against Bastion, there are some that aren't as good.

Try to avoid playing Mercy, Reinhardt, and Winston

While Mercy's a healer, she stands out too easily because of how she soars through the air. She's an easy target, and while she doesn't focus on dishing damage, Bastion can easily take her down and ultimately leave a team without a healer.


Reinhardt is strong, but he's open to taking a ton of damage while getting to Bastion since his Charge goes in a straight line. This lets Bastion melt Reinhardt's shield and ultimately Reinhardt himself before the melee tank can even get to do damage. Winston is another Hero to avoid when playing against Bastion for the same reason. While his Jump Pack ability lets him get pretty close to Bastion, it leaves him vulnerable. Plus, Jump Pack doesn't go too far, so Winston has to get pretty close to Bastion before he can do anything – again leaving him open for Bastion to melt down.