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The Sad Reason A Young MrBeast Decided To Heavily Focus On Youtube

Whether you've watched him or heard about some of his crazy money stunts, MrBeast's one of the most popular YouTubers. With over 105 million subscribers and several videos garnering over 100 million views, he's made a pretty big spot on the internet for himself. In fact, according to Rolling Stone, started on the platform at just 11 years old. While he does have a bit of a shady side, he loves what he does, which he proved after walking away from a $1 billion deal to sell his company. 

However, things haven't always looked as bright for the YouTube star – he's had his share of tragic events throughout his life. He's spoken many times about a medical diagnosis that's had a pretty significant impact on his life. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he gave a bit more insight into the diagnosis and how it actually pushed him to focus on his YouTube channel.

Crohn's disease and MrBeast's YouTube career

While being interviewed by Rolling Stone, MrBeast explained that he used to love playing sports like baseball when he was a child. However, he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease during his sophomore year of high school, which caused him to drop out of the sport and lose that way of socializing with people his age.

According to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Crohn's disease is a disease that impacts the GI tract and causes chronic inflammation and pain. The stress and fatigue caused by his Crohn's disease also caused him to stay home a lot, which led to him turning his sights to YouTube.

Even present-day MrBeast focuses on YouTube so much so that he thought it impacted his work (via Rolling Stone). The YouTuber admitted that he's not great at keeping friends around unless it's friends that deal with work, which gives him a way to stay connected with people outside of his family. This is another unfortunate side effect of Crohn's disease that MrBeast has talked about before — socializing is still difficult because he has to follow such a strict diet and many people socialize in ways that revolve around food.