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How Long Does It Take To Beat Gotham Knights?

"Gotham Knights," the latest video game based upon DC Comics' stable of heroes and villains, is upon us. The game follows four of Batman's sidekicks — Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood — as they become embroiled in a grand conspiracy relating to Batman/Bruce Wayne's death and the secretive figures responsible. It's an intriguing premise for sure, but unfortunately, "Gotham Knights" seems to have fallen quite short of expectations and has garnered mostly mixed reviews from game critics since its release, with many reviews knocking its performance issues and repetitive gameplay.

Despite these qualms, "Gotham Knights" still seems to provide an engaging story for fans. And because of its connection to the Batman character, many will likely give it a try anyway. This begs the question: How much content is packed into "Gotham Knights," and how long can players expect to play it before uncovering the truth behind one of Gotham City's darkest mysteries ever?

Gotham Knights will keep you busy for 30-40 hours

While reviews of "Gotham Knights" are mixed on the quality of its content, the game doesn't seem short of things to do. Most reviews seem to clock their playthrough of the action title at about 30 hours, while others say their playthrough surpassed the 40-hour point. In his review for IGN, Travis Northup said that he had spent over 30 hours with "Gotham Knights." Mark Delaney of GameSpot reported a similar main story length. However, it seems it's possible to squeeze some more crimefighting out of "Gotham Knights," as William Hughes of The AV Club reported his playthrough lasted about 40 hours.

Judging by the reviews, a vast majority of gameplay in "Gotham Knights" revolves around beating down enemies. "Unfortunately, combat in Gotham Knights is one of the worst parts about it – and that's not a great thing to have to say about a game that's virtually all about combat," Northup said in his IGN review. Other gameplay elements such as crime scene investigation, interrogations, boss fights, and leveling up the different characters help to pad out the run time, but don't seem to be as prevalent as taking down small-time thugs in dark Gotham alleys. Of the game's core components, Delaney of GameSpot said, "Although there are a sparse number of puzzles to solve in addition to the meager amount of bosses to fell, combat is the game's central system that everything is built upon." Expect to spend most of your 30-40 hours hitting henchmen.