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League Of Legends: Why Singed Has Such A High Win Rate

"League of Legends" fans watching the 2022 World Championship might have been surprised to see Gen.G's Lehend pick up Singed as a Support. However, the competitive player has an 83.3% competitive win rate with Singed over six games, only losing once in the Worlds Main Event. While Singed doesn't pack the same punch as a Support in games that aren't pro, having an average win rate of 44% according to U.GG, it's hard to ignore Lehend's impressive stats and even Singed's regular top lane win rate of 52%.

That said, Singed's win rate as a Support in the pro scene is a bit boosted. Lehend's pick was chosen to specifically counter Yuumi, a cat Support with healing (via One Esports). Singed's ultimate ability applies Grievous Wounds to his Poison Trail, which made it so that Yuumi's recovery was virtually nonexistent. Additionally, his natural tanky nature and in-your-face gameplay offered a great counter against Yuumi. 

Understanding why Singed's win rate is so high in the top lane means understanding his kit, which was actually featured as a small detail in "Arcane" when Singed made an appearance. Players who understand how to use Singed's abilities can find success with the toxic tank, while those who remain unaware pave their destruction — especially in ranked games.

Singed's preys on the unaware

Part of Singed's power is his ability to trick enemies into thinking they might be able to kill him. Many seasoned "League of Legends" players know never to chase a Singed because it's misleading — and less experienced players often struggle to realize this.

A Singed player on the run can deal massive damage with the poisonous trail left in the character's wake. In addition, Singed can both slow enemies and boost his own movement speed if he needs to create more space between himself and pursuers. Unfortunately, unaware players often fall for the trap and run after him, especially when he's low on health. And the result is typically getting caught up in his abilities and ultimately dying.

On top of this, an offense-minded Singed can run into a group of enemies, find a weak link, root them, and then run around the enemy team to damage all. Considering Singed is a tank champion, he can manage a little punishment while wandering through the enemy team.

Singed's success is very dependent on the rank of the player. He can help low-ranking players climb, and his higher-than-average win rate reflects the fact that players take advantage of this. Beyond his specific uses, Singed remains just an average Champion.