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Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Fast Travel

In "Gotham Knights," players are tasked with stopping crime in Gotham City, a sprawling metropolis full of back alleys and skyscrapers. The map is apparently the biggest version of Gotham City ever put into a video game (per Game Informer), which may make it tedious to travel across. Of course, each character in "Gotham Knights" has their only personal methods of traversal. However, in a pinch, it's likely many gamers will prefer to use a fast travel system to travel longer distances with no need to glide, scale buildings or navigate through streets.

Luckily for gamers of this sort, there is a fast travel system in "Gotham Knights" that players can use when investigating the late Batman's stomping grounds. However, players will have to do a bit of side work in order to unlock it. Here is how to unlock fast travel in "Gotham Knights" and gain instant access to many of Gotham's hot spots.

Lucius Fox eventually grants the Gotham Knights fast travel

When you first begin playing "Gotham Knights," there will be no option for you fast travel around Gotham City. Battle your way through the first few nights of the game's story and Lucius Fox will eventually send an email out to the Knights requesting that they pay him a visit at the Foxteca building. Once the player arrives, Fox presents them with the Fast Bat, a vehicle made to quickly transport one of the Knights to any unlocked travel point. 

Once Fox shows off the impressive piece of traversal tech, players will be able to unlock fast travel points by scanning and hacking GCPD drones in the area directly surrounding them, which allows the heroes to secure the airspace. Each sector of Gotham City has multiple drones patrolling the area, and you have to hack up to three in each section. Hacking them should be straight forward, but some of them have shields, which means you will have to follow them and wait for them to dock and lower their shields before hacking them. Gamers may find that knocking out all of these will be quicker when playing co-op, as multiple heroes can divide and conquer.

Once you've found all the drones and done some technological tinkering with them, you then have a way to fast travel to various areas in Gotham, cutting out a ton of backtracking through dark alleyways.