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Is Street Fighter 6 Coming To Nintendo Switch?

"Street Fighter 6" is on its way, and fighting game fans are finding more things to be excited about with every trailer. Between a stunning new art style, unprecedented accessibility through new control styles (via Polygon), and a sheer overabundance of content — including fully-playable retro games like "Final Fight" and "Magic Sword" within the game's hub (via Push Square) — "Street Fighter 6" will change the series in some major ways.


This bold new vision for "Street Fighter" extends to the latest installment's release strategy too, as the game will be appearing on far more platforms than its predecessor. Whereas "Street Fighter 5" kept the action limited to PlayStation 4 and PC, this new entry will be appearing on several additional systems. Nintendo Switch owners who are interested in the latest entry of Capcom's beloved fighting series may well be wondering: Is the Switch one of the consoles that "Street Fighter 6" will be released on?

There are no plans for a Street Fighter 6 Switch port

As of the time of reporting, Capcom has no official plans to port "Street Fighter 6" to the Nintendo Switch. Per the company's official "Street Fighter 6" site, the game is planned for launch in 2023 on Sony's PlayStation 4 and 5, Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC via Steam.


Similar to many of Capcom's other recent productions, "Street Fighter 6" runs on the RE Engine (via Twitter). While "Monster Hunter Rise" brought the RE Engine over to Switch, the team's creatives told Eurogamer that porting the engine was a sizable challenge. Even if a scaled-down port of "Street Fighter 6" on Switch is possible, it's certainly not a guarantee.

Additionally, 2022 saw RE Engine-based "Resident Evil" titles like "Resident Evil 2" and "Resident Evil Village" get cloud-streaming versions announced for Switch instead of native ports. A similar cloud-based version of "Street Fighter 6" may be a more realistic possibility than a Switch port, but there's no indication that the game will be playable on Nintendo's platform in either capacity.


While "Street Fighter 6" may not be releasing on Switch, there are still a few titles in the series that are currently available for fans of the hybrid gaming device. "Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection" houses 12 separate titles comprising many of the early "Street Fighter" masterpieces, while "Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers" offers an updated and refined version of the arcade classic.