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This Is The Fastest Car In GTA Online

Years after launch, "Grand Theft Auto Online" — the standalone multiplayer companion to "Grand Theft Auto 5" — remains popular and lucrative. Much like its single-player counterpart, "GTA Online" allows players to roam the crime-ridden Los Santos and its surrounding areas in an attempt to establish a huge criminal empire of their own through various activities, such as high-stakes heists and drug smuggling. 


Despite the vast amount of options that exist within the title, "GTA Online" players spend a lot of their time just driving from point A to point B. This simple yet integral mechanic means that players may want to hit the Los Santos pavement in a car that offers both style and peak performance. Given the vast distances players must cover in the sprawling setting of San Andreas, as well as activities like street racing, a speedy vehicle can have a big impact. So, what is the fastest car players can obtain in "GTA Online"?

The BF Weevil Custom is GTA Online's fastest car

Prior to the 1.61 Criminal Enterprise patch, a fully upgraded Ocelot Pariah was clocked at a top speed of 136 MPH, making it the fastest car in "GTA Online" (per VG247). YouTuber Broughy1322, who evaluates "GTA Online" cars, determined that the Ocelot Pariah had the best straight-line speed out of all cars available in the game. However, as of the 1.61 Criminal Enterprise patch, an unlikely rival surpassed the Pariah.


In the patch, players received access to the new BF Weevil, a small compact class car that resembles an old racecar from the early 20th century. The base version of the vehicle offers fairly pedestrian performance. However, through a litany of upgrades, players can transform it into a BF Weevil Custom capable of producing really good lap times. As seen in a demonstration by Broughy1322, the BF Weevil Custom can top off at 137.5 mph (221.3 km/h), making it the fastest car in the game in terms of pure speed. However, the car lacks in the aerodynamic department, so don't expect it to handle corners in an efficient manner.