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This The Most Frustrating Gotham Knights Boss

There was quite a bit of hype leading up to the release of WB Games Montreal's "Gotham Knights." Because the game is an open-world experience featuring Batman's sidekicks, fans were hoping it would serve as a spiritual successor to the critically-acclaimed "Batman: Arkham" franchise. Although the studio behind that franchise, Rocksteady, has no affiliation with the game, WB Games Montreal does have some experience with the "Arkham" games. The studio actually developed the series's prequel–"Batman:Arkham Origins." So, it seemed that fans had reason to be hopeful. 

Since the debut of "Gotham Knights," however, critics have given the game very mixed reviews. IGN gave the game a 5/10, while PC Gamer awarded it a similarly lackluster 49 percent. But why is this the case? If fan message boards are of any indication, for those who aren't in love with "Gotham Knights," one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is its boss battles. But when it comes to those fights, one seems to stand above the rest as especially exasperating. 

The Clayface battle is broken

Many players of "Gotham Knights," seem to agree that the Clayface boss battle feels broken. The consensus seems to be that the design of the fight makes it overly long, monotonous, and difficult to complete, especially if your play style is melee-heavy. His tanky nature, large health bar, attack patterns, and resistance to certain types of attacks all blend together to make for what some players describe as a less-than-exciting gaming experience.

"Clayface was meh, mostly because you really couldn't melee due to him always making a clay 'spike' puddle almost immediately," one player commented on GameFAQs. Another player added that they had difficulties with "Attacks you can't dodge roll away from but have to "Run Around" (with L3 for sprinting) and not really any openings... Attacks you can't dodge roll away from but have to "Run Around" (with L3 for sprinting) and not really any openings." Other players have remarked that Clayface is a punishment sponge, but he can deal way more damage to the Gotham Knights in the same amount of time.

If you're enjoying "Gotham Knights," just be prepared to stock up on health kits before you face off with Clayface.