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This Bizarre Bayonetta 3 Cat Easter Egg Explained

The early reviews of "Bayonetta 3" revealed that the game was outstanding, with some calling it the best in the series. While most of the game focused on everything the "Bayonetta" games are known for – like over-the-top combat, comedy, and style – there were plenty of small details and easter eggs that took fans by surprise, like the "Devil May Cry" reference that only hardcore fans noticed. One easter egg isn't all the title holds, though, "Bayonetta 3" sports an additional detail that acts as a nod to yet another PlatinumGames title.

The setting and timeline for "Bayonetta" is realistic in some ways. But while demon clothes and flashy magic may not appear in reality, cats do, and a specific cat from the title is making rounds on the internet.

Reddit user Dangerous_Fan1090 shared a picture of a calico cat in "Bayonetta 3" sitting upright in a position that some cat owners might recognize. With its back nearly straight and limbs sprawled out, this lounging cat could just be trying to relax or clean itself — but not every play is convinced. While this could be an allusion to real life for the sake of humor, some fans have pointed out the similarities between this cat and a similar feline in "Astral Chain," another game made by PlatinumGames.

Relaxed cats in other games

While fans were excited to see the cat, and some commenters soon pointed out other games that included sitting cats, things began to come together when fans noticed the similarities between cats featured in "Astral Chain" and this specific cat from "Bayonetta 3."

User DaxionTheZeraora3003 remarked, "Send him back to 'Astral Chain' with the other cats." They were followed by another user who alleged that this specific odd-sitting cat model was also used in "Astral Chain." PlatinumGames also developed 2019's "Astral Chain," and it has so many cats that the developers eventually had to address fans' confusion over why the title was filled with felines. The answer, ultimately, was that the developers just loved pets.

So, this lazing cat in "Bayonetta 3" could be a nod to the developer's other games, or it could just be a way for the developers to sneak a little bit of cat praise alongside a funny jab at some real-life kitty habits. Either way, cat lovers will want to stop and ponder the existence of this fuzzy friend in "Bayonetta 3," and potentially enjoy even more feline fun by trying out PlatinumGames' "Astral Chain."