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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Which Is The Best 10-Killstreak Option?

One of the most prominent features in the "Call of Duty" series is earning a Killstreak through prolonged quality play. Essentially, it works like this — if you manage to consecutively kill a number of your opponents and/or earn a certain amount of points without dying, you will be awarded a Killstreak that can be used to help your team get a huge edge over the opponent. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" continues this trend and allows its players to select from a multitude of Killstreaks.


Of course, there are levels to these Killstreaks. If you happen to get four kills in a row, you can gain access to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which gives your team the exact positions of your enemies on the minimap. If you happen to get 5, you can possibly summon a Care Package, which will drop in a location of your choosing and offer you a random perk to help you or your team. However, amassing 10 kills in a row is a big-time achievement and unlocks a plethora of super-effective options. But which of these options is the best and should be included in your loadout?

The Chopper Gunner is controlled by the player

With most Killstreaks in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," you will essentially be relying on an AI-controlled advantage to make the right decisions for you and your team and effectively hunt your enemy. However, some of these Killstreaks give players ultimate control over their functions and allow them to personally pick off enemies for a limited amount of time. When determining what Killstreak you'll get once you reach 10 consecutive kills, you will have three choices — the Stealth Bomber, Chopper Gunner, and an Emergency Airdrop (via Roccat). And out of these three options, Chopper Gunner might be the best for you.


As noted by Jack Bye of Videogamer.com, the Chopper Gunner is controlled by the player and is the only 10-killstreak that gives the player any agency over proceedings. "The Chopper Gunner lets you take charge directly, unleash havoc with missiles and a rapid-fire turret. And if you're on a killstreak of ten, you're likely to be more lethal than any automatic targeting could hope to be," Bye said in regards to the Chopper Gunner.

It's also worth noting that in "Call of Duty Mobile," the Chopper Gunner — along with the VTOL — are considered some of the most difficult Killstreaks to counter. Things aren't much different when it comes to "Modern Warfare 2" from the looks of it, either.