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Gotham Knights: How To Solve The Court Of Owls Puzzle

"Gotham Knights" is WB Montréal's co-op action game starring the sidekicks of the Batman family. The game takes place immediately after Batman's death where the four heroes, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood, must protect Gotham and finish Batman's unfinished business. This includes investigating and uncovering the Court of Owls, a mysterious shadow organization that seemingly controls the city. Early into the game, the heroes discover a Court of Owls hideout, but they must solve a puzzle to enter the secret area.


While the majority of "Gotham Knights" is focused on combat encounters where you need to figure out the best way to tackle each arena, there are a few puzzles that require some ace detective work. Since the Court of Owls is a secret society, many of their hideouts are hidden or locked behind some type of puzzle, which you have to figure out before advancing. Here's how to solve the Court of Owls puzzle in "Gotham Knights."

Create an owl shadow on the wall with the statues

The Court of Owls puzzle involves rotating four statues to create a shadow of an owl on a wall. There are four sections, which are easiest to solve if you work one section at a time. Rotate the first piece once via the button on the left side (facing the shadow on the wall.) Then, rotate the second piece twice from either side. Turn the third three times from the left side. Lastly, rotate the fourth piece once from either side.


To make things easier, there are two ways to tell if you rotated the piece correctly besides looking at the shadow. If you use the AR vision, there is a line underneath the statues that needs to be lined up to point at the shadow on the wall. The second, more obvious tell is that a voice recording of the Court of Owls plays when each piece is rotated into its correct place.