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Atomic Heart Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

"Atomic Heart" is a single-player first-person shooter that appears to be inspired by games like "Bioshock" and "Prey" (2017). Developed by Mundfish, "Atomic Heart" takes place in an alternate future where technological advances lead humanity into a short-lived utopia. However, these same technological advances also eventually led to the creation of mutants, and it isn't long before all of the progress crumbles in the human-built paradise. Armed with cutting-edge firearms and a special glove that provides access to various special powers, players must master their tools and environment to plumb the deepest secrets of "Atomic Heart."


This is Mundfish's debut game as a studio, which has captured people's attention ever since the first major trailer dropped, showing off an impressive and AAA-looking experience. Now, "Atomic Heart" is only a few months from release, and many players are wondering exactly when the title will be available and how it will play. Here's what we know so far about "Atomic Heart."

Is there a release date for Atomic Heart?

Mundfish recently announced that "Atomic Heart" will launch on Xbox consoles (including Game Pass), PlayStation consoles, and PC on February 21, 2023. "Atomic Heart" had previously been set for a release sometime in late 2022, but developer Mundfish delayed the game for some extra time in the oven – something that has become more common than some fans may realize.


For players on other platforms or those not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, "Atomic Heart" will cost $60 for PC and PS4 and $70 for those purchasing on Xbox consoles or PS5. There are also two additional digital versions available, the Gold edition and the Premium edition — both of which include extra digital goodies for in-game use and the "Atomic Pass," which serves as a season pass for any post-launch DLC for "Atomic Heart."

Fans on Twitter have been vocally excited about the title's upcoming release, wanting to dive in as soon as it's available.

Is there a trailer for Atomic Heart?

The "Atomic Heart" story trailer from June gives a sense of the alternate future USSR and the mysteries unfolding in "Atomic Heart." The trailer shows a utopian city and talks about the Collective, which appears to be some type of futuristic facility where knowledge and unnatural powers can be given to people — with the robots saying that people could earn a PhD. in a matter of hours. However, there are also shots of people in strange cages, implying a more sinister side to the experiments and scientific advancements.


The main character is a soldier armed with an advanced glove that provides special powers and a variety of guns. The trailer shows the character fighting through various robot enemies and mutants, although it's not immediately clear why he is doing this. The trailer ends with a montage of action sequences alongside dialogue lines, concluding with the original 2022 release window for "Atomic Heart."

What will gameplay be like in Atomic Heart?

To announce the new release date for "Atomic Heart," Mundfish released a new trailer full of gameplay — although it is sped up. "Atomic Heart" appears to wear its inspirations on its sleeves, showing off how players will be able to dual-wield, with an ability in one hand and a gun in another (like "Bioshock"). However, instead of being slower-paced and moody, focusing on establishing tone and on exploration, "Atomic Heart" seems to be taking a page out of the style playbook of titles like "Doom" and "Wolfenstein: The New Order" — opting for more action-focused gameplay.


From the many trailers Mundfish has released on the "Atomic Heart" YouTube channel, it appears that the two main types of enemies in "Atomic Heart" will be robots and mutants. There seems to be a ton of variety in the robots, with the mechanical contraptions coming in many shapes and sizes — some humanoid, some not. There are also a few instances showcased where it looks as if reality is churning or shifting, hinting at some psychological aspects to the game as well.

Curious players will be able to discover everything "Atomic Heart" has in store when it releases in February of 2023.