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How To Unlock Arcana In Vampire Survivors

"Vampire Survivors" is an indie bullet-hell game where players collect random weapons and attempt to survive a 30-minute run. The game has been available on Steam in early access for most of the year, recently hitting 1.0 and joining Xbox Game Pass on console on November 10. While some players might have missed this indie PC title, those who have spent time with the game know how vital unlocking new features and attacks are — including the all-important Arcana. Arcana are unique cards players can obtain during a run that offer massive boosts, but they will need to be unlocked first.


Before that, players will need to gain access to the Arcana system itself by finding the Randomazzo in the Gallo Tower level. If gamers don't have access to Gallo Tower yet, it can be unlocked by reaching level 60 with any character in the Dairy Plant — which in turn is unlocked by reaching level 40 with any character in the starting level. Once players have the Gallo Tower level available, here's how they can unlock and use the Arcana system.

Find the Randomazzo in Gallo Tower

The Randomazzo can be found in Gallo Tower if players make their way toward the top of the map. Thankfully the map itself is entirely vertical, so it's something some may find just through normal exploration. That said, if gamers have the map unlocked, the Randomazzo will appear as a question mark in the north. Players won't need to defeat any specific enemies or even beat the level to reap the Arcana reward; they'll just need to reach the item. Once unlocked, players can select an Arcana at the start of each run, with a second given via a treasure chest around the 10-minute mark and a third given at 20 minutes.


There are now over twenty Arcanas in total — and more are being added to the game alongside updates. That said, different requirements unlock each one. All unlock conditions, which typically pose objectives like "reach level X with X character," are listed in the unlock menu on the main menu of "Vampire Survivors." Players may need to unlock some new characters before they can snag the Arcana they want, but with the door open, it's only a matter of time before players build out their Arcana deck.