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How To Make The Invisibility Potion In Minecraft

"Minecraft" remains a global phenomenon. Despite its age, "Minecraft" was still drawing in millions of players as of 2019. It continues to attract an audience, not only by updating the classic game, but by releasing spin-off entries like "Minecraft Legends," an action RTS set in the "Minecraft" universe. Thanks to the franchise's longevity, there is a lot to learn about "Minecraft," from the best methods for hunting down Netherite to crafting various recipes.


New people don't always know everything about "Minecraft" heading into it, such as how to make useful items like the invisibility potion. According to Lifewire, the invisibility potion allows players to go undetected by enemy mobs, but takes quite a bit of effort to craft. For players looking to make an invisibility potion in "Minecraft" you are going to need to have a crafting table and a brewing stand ready to go.

Making an invisibility potion is a multi-step process

According to Lifewire, you will also need a blaze rod, a potion of night vision, and a fermented spider eye to craft an invisibility potion. In order to make the potion of night vision, you will need a water bottle, nether wart, and a golden carrot (per Lifewire.) Use the blaze rod to craft blaze powder, which will power the brewing stand. Brew the nether wart into the water bottle and add the golden carrot once the nether wart is fully brewed, which will create the night vision potion.


Place the night vision potion into the bottom section of the brewing stand and place the fermented spider eye into the top slot. Once it's done brewing, you will have a normal invisibility potion. If you add redstone to the potion while it's still brewing, the duration will last longer. You can also make a splash version or lingering version by adding either gunpowder or dragon's breath, respectively.