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Here's How You Unlock All Trombone Colors In Trombone Champ

"Trombone Champ" is the latest in the "weird and wonderful" subsection of gaming, in which players have to toot their way through a track in an experience that feels like an odd mishmash of "Guitar Hero" and the singing minigame in "Tomodachi Life."

The real shining light of this community is its modders, who have added hits such as One-Winged Angel (complete with Sephiroth himself) and former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss' resignation speech to the list of heart-warming songs you can play. Software engineer and YouTuber Hung Truong even managed to modify a real trombone to work as a controller, bringing the game full circle quite nicely.

If you want to toot with the best of them, you'll need to be stylish. There are eight colors available for your trombone, with only the Lacquer Bass color unlocked from the beginning. Acquiring these colors involves some card collecting, a bit of luck, and, of course, plenty of trombone playing (via Game Rant).

Earn Toots and collect cards

According to Game Rant, the colors you can get in "Trombone Champ," along with the order you will unlock them in, are the aforementioned Lacquer Bass, then Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Polygon, and The Champ. To acquire these colors you'll have to complete songs to earn Toots, one of the game's soft currencies. Once you have 499 Toots, head to the Collect menu and select Gimme a Sack to redeem them for a card pack. There are 50 cards in total for you to collect, all of which include some fun (and, sadly, fictional) facts about trombones.

After you've collected a good bunch of cards, return to the Collect menu and locate the burnt out candle on the bottom-right of your screen. Hitting it a few times will summon the Devil (via Acai on YouTube), who will then ask you to exchange some of your cards for a treasure chest. The fun doesn't stop there, however, as in order to open the chest you'll have to click the chest 99 times. You did, after all, make a deal with the Devil. Luckily for you, you can reduce the number of clicks in the Options menu.

Repeat this process until you unlock the Polygon trombone. The final deal, to get The Champ color, requires you to give the Devil one of every card, so you'll have to grind a bit for that one. It'll all be worth it in the end, however, when you see yourself bossing "Through the Fire and the Flames" with the fanciest piece of brass in the game.