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Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete The Return Of The Damned Adventure

In "Sea of Thieves," you control a player-created pirate who sails the seas in search of adventure and treasure. "Sea of Thieves" can be played alone, or you can form a party of four with your friends to accompany you in your exploits. Despite being developed by Rare Limited — the same developer responsible for classics such as "Goldeneye 007" and "Donkey Kong" and others — "Sea of Thieves" had a really rocky start when it first arrived to Xbox One and PC in 2018 due to limited content. However, in the years since its release, the pirate adventure has since beefed up in the content department and has cultivated a dedicated fan base.


From November 3 to 17 2022, "Sea of Thieves" players can experience a limited-time adventure called "The Return of the Damned." In this event, players will be tasked with either preventing or bringing about the return of Captain Flameheart — the leader of the villainous Servant of the Flame. Here's how you can complete "The Return of the Damned" before it ends forever.

Choose a side: Belle or Reapers

One of the best things about "Sea of Thieves" is that you can align yourself in the game however way you wish. If you wish to be a more altruistic type of pirate who stays in their own lane and doesn't cause any trouble, you can. If you would rather be a villain of cartoonish proportions, that is also a path you can take. "The Return of the Damned" is no different in this regard, and your early choices will dictate whose side you are on.


Gamers can initiate the quest on any outpost by speaking to Larinna outside of the Tavern. Then, choose the dialogue making mention of Belle and The Reaper's Bones. You will be given a choice: the Reapers' Path or Belle's Path. Choosing the Reapers' path will align you with the reincarnated Captain Flameheart and the Servant of the Flame, the antagonists. Choosing Belle's path will place you on the side of Belle and Sir Arthur Pendragon who attempt to prevent Flameheart from coming back and leading his faction to global domination (per GameRant).

This choice is completely up to you. You can also finish both sides of the path at various points of the event.

Belle's path

The crux of the "Return of the Damned" adventure basically comes down to aiding each side's rituals to stop the other. Each faction's content is virtually the same.

If you chose Belle's path, you will be instructed to meet her at Shipwreck Bay. When you arrive, don't speak to Belle yet — instead, find her journal near the cabin on the beached shipwreck nearby. Once you've read it, speak with Belle and choose the dialogue option that completes the first chapter. Speak to her again and choose to continue her path. After speaking with her, she will provide you with a checklist of things to do and her Fort Flag. Her checklist requires the following:

  1. Conquer a Sea Fort and raise Belle's flag there
  2. Return to Belle with a Bewitching Doll or Enchanted Bewitching Doll
  3. Capture as many Sea Forts as possible

After completing these three tasks, find Belle's second journal at the Royal Crest Fortress. It will be on the floor with bunk beds everywhere. Read it, then return to Belle to complete her side of the quest (per Rare Thief).

Reapers' Path

If being on the good side wasn't really exciting enough for you, there is the Reapers' Path to do. To begin that path, make your way to the Reaper's Hideout on your map and find the Servant. Like you did (or would've done) with Belle, go read the Servant's first journal which can be found in a crate on the south side of the island (per GameRant). After reading the journal, return to the Servant and select the dialogue options that complete the first part of the quest.


As with Belle, the Servant will supply you with both a checklist and a Sea Fort flag to raise on whatever Sea Forts you capture. The crux of the objectives will be to:

  1. Capture as many Sea Forts as possible
  2. Bring back either a Bewitching Doll or Enchanted Bewitching Doll

Like Belle, the Servant has a second journal you will also want to grab. This one can be found at Mercy's End Fortress on a bench on the very first floor, so it's not too hard a task (via Rare Thief).

When you've completed all of these tasks, return to the Servant, and you will finish the event.