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The PS Vita Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

While the PlayStation Vita is largely considered a failure, it was still home to a number of excellent video games. The handheld system had highly rated games like "Persona 4 Golden," "Rogue Legacy" and "Spelunky," (via Metacritic), many of which boast impressive hour counts, asking players to use their handheld console for well over 100 hours of gameplay, pushing its battery to the limits.


While the PlayStation Vita didn't get as much love from third-party studios as the more recent Nintendo Switch, it still boasted an impressive library of games, including a high number of RPGs. The Vita was also home to a large number of indie games during its life, too, making it a favorite for fans of innovative titles. With all of these games on the PlayStation Vita, players have wondered which title takes the longest to complete on the handheld console. Here's the game that takes the longest to complete on the PlayStation Vita.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite takes nearly 500 hours to fully complete

According to HowLongToBeat.com, the longest game on the PlayStation Vita is "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite." This version of "Monster Hunter" was the Western port of the PSP game "Monster Hunter Portable 2G" with special content added for the new release. While the story mode could be mainlined in only 97.5 hours, the full completion of "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" takes about 463 hours, which is an impressive amount of time for anyone to hunt monsters on the PlayStation Vita.


Other honorable mentions are "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" which boasts 275 hours for full completion and "Persona 4 Golden" which comes in at 139 hours. While most players won't go for the full completion of "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite," anyone looking to see credits roll, along with a healthy amount of side content, are still likely to spend a few hundred hours with the game.