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Why Street Fighter 6 Will Be A Blessing For Button-Mashers

Capcom has revealed a new type of control scheme for "Street Fighter 6," which aims to make it so even less skilled players like button-mashers can still do cool moves and win. As reported by Game Informer after a hands-on demo, the new control scheme is called Dynamic controls, a third option alongside Classic and Modern. The Dynamic controls allow players to use the face button to perform attacks, with the "Street Fighter 6" filling in the gaps so their on-screen character performs full combos and attacks. Since this control-scheme is viewed as more of an easy mode than just a different set of buttons, it is only available in local play, but that option should help fighting game newbies settle into the game and make the jump over to the new control schemes.

"In a normal fighting game, when they [mash buttons], they just do a lot of whiffs," "Street Fighter 6" director Takayuki Nakayama told Game Informer. "We wanted something important and something that makes a difference happen by randomly pressing buttons."

The way it works is that whenever a player presses an attack button while using the Dynamic controls, the game will determine the best type of attack or combo to use given the situation. If the enemy is far away, pressing a button could throw a projectile while that same button might punch if the fighters are close together. For new players that want a bit more control, the Modern controls provide more accuracy without the complexity of Classic controls.

Modern and Classic controls in Street Fighter 6

As reported by Game Informer, the other two control schemes, Modern and Classic, take the training wheels off completely in "Street Fighter 6." The Classic controls are what old-school "Street Fighter" fans will be used to and likely what most of the professional level players will use. It has dedicated buttons for Light, Medium, and Heavy, for both punches and kicks, along with other button combinations for other moves. Modern on the other hand reduces Light, Medium, and Heavy to only one button each for punching and kicking, with special moves, throws, and drives all getting their own button, allowing for combos to be done slightly easier.

Hardcore "Street Fighter" fans seem to like the idea of Dynamic controls in "Street fighter 6." In the Reddit post discussing the new control scheme, many people praised the idea of having something accessible for people with disabilities. Others were excited that even people who aren't experienced with fighting games can get in on the action and have a good time.