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How To Tag Enemies In Gotham Knights

In games that require you to roam around a big map in an open-world environment, the ability to tag enemies can prove quite useful. Instead of forcing players to manually observe every enemy they come across, many of these types of titles include a function that permanently shows tagged enemies on the map, giving players the ability to keep track of where they are at all times. "Gotham Knights" also boasts this game design mainstay.


In "Gotham Knights," players have the ability to tag enemies as they move from place to place. Like "Batman" titles of the past, many of the areas in "Gotham Knights" require stealth and constant knowledge of each foe's location. Tagging enemies streamlines these sections, ensuring players can make more educated decisions about where to move next. But how do you tag enemies in "Gotham Knights"? Luckily, it's a pretty easy process and will only take a few seconds and one button prompt.

Tagging enemies in Gotham Knights requires AR mode

In order to tag enemies in "Gotham Knights," players will need to use the AR mode that each of the game's playable characters is equipped with. To do this, you will need to hold down on your controller's D-pad. Once you've done this, find an enemy and hover over them. After a few seconds, a white V will appear above them. At that point, the enemy is marked and the V will never disappear even when outside of AR mode (via Pro Game Guides).


When in AR mode, any enemy that has been tagged will be marked by a red aura-like outline. If you ever lose track of your opponent's mark and want to know exactly where they are and in which direction they are facing — especially during stealth sections of the game — simply go back into AR mode to get more detailed information on the tagged enemy. Tagging enemies has another use too: determining enemy type. As seen in YouTuber WoW Quests' guide, the enemy types can be seen when in AR mode, even through walls.