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Fortnite: Chapter 3's Funeral Is Right Around The Corner - Here's How To Attend

One of the ways "Fortnite" has managed to stay relevant and fun over the years is through its constantly shifting meta, which is full of new character skins and map details. Even though "Fortnite" was originally much darker, the title has made a name for itself based on its cartoony characters (sometimes literally) and its ever-changing events. "Fortnite" has evolved quite a bit over the years, with its art style, graphics, and themes changing drastically since its initial release. Part of aging gracefully and staying in the public eye means keeping up with the times, though. It's time to say goodbye to Chapter 3 of "Fortnite," and get ready to welcome Chapter 4.

The "Fortnite" Chapter 3 funeral is right around the corner, and fans are beginning to prepare for the inevitable transition to something new – but fans aren't quite sure what that something new is. The official "Fortnite" Twitter account – along with The Game Awards – tweeted a simple graphic with limited information, signaling to fans that big changes were on the way. The live finale event will be called "Fracture," and will take place in early December. But how can fans attend the live event, and what should they expect? While some are skeptical about moving on, others are ready to see what "Fracture" has in store. But how can players attend the live event, and what should they expect?

How can players attend Fracture?

According to the announcement, "Fracture" will take place on Dec. 3 at 4 PM ET, 1 PM PT.

Like past "Fortnite" live events, "Fracture" should be easy to attend. While Epic Games hasn't released specific details yet, past live events only require that players log into "Fortnite" before the set event time. Shortly before the event, the various game modes of "Fortnite" go dark and players are entered into a special lobby for the live event. At the planned time, the event begins and players only need to go along for the ride.

Because "Fracture," like previous events, is live, players that want to take part must be in the game on time. There's no playing through the event later (although videos of other players' experiences will likely be online) or starting after the set time. Those that want to see "Fracture" for themselves should be prompt, or even early, in order to take part.

As of now, all gamers have to go on is the name of the event and the date it'll take place, but that doesn't mean that players don't have theories about what "Fracture" might entail. Chapter 4 will likely appear shortly after the Chapter 3 finale event, although no official release date has been revealed yet. If past season-enders are any indication, gamers won't have to wait long to jump back into their favorite game. Epic hasn't explained what Chapter 4 will be like, or how the world of "Fortnite" will change, but fans' imaginations are running wild with possibilities.

What will Fracture change?

Players are already speculating about what will happen after the Chapter 3 finale live event, and how the event might change the entire world of "Fortnite." One gamer pointed out that with Creator 2.0 on the way, "Fortnite" devs might want to reset the system, so to speak. By beginning a new chapter around the same time that Creator 2.0 drops, the entire game will feel refreshed and new players will have a good entry point into the game. Likewise, more seasoned players will have the opportunity to learn alongside new recruits, putting players on a more even playing field.

Other gamers wondered what the event might mean for the lore of "Fortnite," and how the event title might signal a change in the map of the game. As for how "Fracture" will affect the story of "Fortnite," it's anyone's guess. It's possible that the event will reveal more details about The Nothing, an evil entity that seemingly controls the Chrome, a status effect that is plaguing the "Fortnite" world, turning players and landscapes shiny and metallic. Season 3 has featured both The Nothing and Chrome heavily, so it would make sense for "Fracture" to give additional details about that plot thread.

No one knows how the map will change in "Fortnite," but one gamer shared a theory that the new map will actually be a combination of older map layouts, mashed together to create something new. This map would be literally fractured, giving some meaning to the name of the live event that will end Season 3. Other fans seem to have similar theories, hoping that the new map will bring back some favorite details from previous iterations of "Fortnite."