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Marvel Snap: Why You Should Focus On Upgrading Your Collection Level

Online deck-building games like "Hearthstone" and "Magic: The Gathering" have been around for quite some time, but "Marvel Snap" stands out for its small decks and virtually zero pay-to-win elements. The cards are unique and offer a variety of different playstyles as one would expect from a card-based game, and even cosmetics can be unlocked through playing the game alone. Plus, cards and cosmetics can be leveled up to look even better.


At the end of every game, whether it's a win or a loss, one card in the player's deck will get a few level-up points. After leveling up a card, that card gains visual effects or gets new pieces of artwork added to the card. This also increases the overall Collection Level of the account. The Collection Level has tiers that unlock something every few levels, such as materials to level up more cards or level-up points for cards.

However, the true value of the Collection Level lies in the cards it gives.

The Collection Level allows you to get new cards

In "Marvel Snap," the only way to get new cards is to progress the Collection Level. Every few tiers, players will unlock a new, random card to their library. While the cards seem arbitrary, there are specific tiers, or pools, of cards that are completely unlocked before the next tier – Collection Level 1 through 222 is generally considered Tier One, Collection Level 223 to 486 is Tier Two, and above 486 is Tier Three.


As the Collection Level tier progresses, more complex cards are unlocked. For example, all starting decks will contain the one card that fixed "Marvel Snap" for testers, Quick Silver. He's a relatively easy card to use considering his ability is just to appear in players' hands at the beginning of every game. However, later cards have abilities that take early mechanics further, from drawing and discarding to powering cards up.

Upgrading the Collection Level is easier than it sounds. Gathering the materials is quite simple through playing games and doing missions. Additionally, the Store offers to level up three different cards without the materials normally needed. It just costs Credits, which are free materials that players rack up quickly.