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I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

For millennia, the story of Jesus Christ has persevered with massive swath of humanity. Featuring themes of redemption, courage, and selflessness, the tale of Jesus' life, death, and eventual resurrections has inspired not just one of the world's largest religions, but also has been the subject of many adaptations from TV to film. However, to date, the story of Jesus rarely reached video games — at least, not in a way that's taken seriously. "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" looks to change that.

Developed by SimulaM, the aptly-named "I Am Jesus Christ" will see players assume the role of the Messiah himself as they interact with some of the New Testament's most iconic and important moments, all the way from Jesus' birth in the manger to his eventual crucifixion. It's truly one of the world's most well-known stories, but how will it translate to a video game? Some folks have been upset by the very idea of a Jesus-centric video game, but it seems like SimulaM is really pushing for authenticity here.

Here's everything we know so far about "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue." 

What is the release date for I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue?

Though a specific release date was withheld for some time after its initial announcement back in 2019, "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" is currently slated to be released on December 1, 2022. This is obviously a very fitting release date for the game, as it means the game will roll out in the same month as Christmas.

It should also be noted that "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue," as the title would imply, is only part of the overall package that SimulaM has in mind. According to its Steam page, the game serves as an introduction to the full version of "I Am Jesus Christ," the remainder of which is scheduled to be released sometime during Q2 2023. How these two versions will divvy up Jesus' story remains unclear. However, it seems that prospective players won't have to wait too long to dive into the full epic.

"I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" will be available free of charge on the PC via Steam. No other platforms have been announced.

Is there a trailer for I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue?

The official trailer for "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" was released on November 14, 2022, giving players a good idea of what sections of the Bible will be explored in the upcoming title. Iconic moments from the New Testament such as Jesus meeting with John the Baptist, turning water into wine, and healing a young man are all shown as integral moments. Bits of voiceover are also interspersed, including one voice warning of Jesus' eventual betrayal and crucifixion.

Word of the official trailer for "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" quickly spread throughout the internet, collecting close to over 400K views within the first 48 hours of its publishing on IGN's official YouTube channel. Due to its unique premise and controversial focal point, many seem divided on the project itself. However, at the very least, the popularity of the trailer and the subsequent discussion surrounding "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" could lead many people to check it out, just to see what all the fuss is about.

What is the gameplay like in I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue?

It seems that "I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue" and its eventual full release will be pooling from multiple different genres of games including adventure, life sim, RPG, and even action titles. Matteo Lupetti of Vice News played an early build of the game over the summer of 2022, describing it as a hodgepodge of things players will find familiar, just with a Biblical sheen. Apparently, some sections will play out as walking simulators of sorts while others will be full-blown combat encounters in which Jesus wages war against Satan himself.

Stealth gameplay seems to be a huge part of the game's "Water to Wine" section, in which Jesus must sneak around a wedding turning water into the alcoholic beverage without anyone else knowing. The game also seems to have a power system, appropriately called "Holy Spirit." This appears similar to mechanics seen in other games such as "InFamous," in which you only have so much power you can use before it's drained completely. In order to refill the Holy Spirit, the player must travel to an area containing "God rays" and pray to replenish their meter.