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Lost Ark's Latest Patch Doesn't Fix An Infuriating Bug

The shady side of Amazon Studios has been well documented over the years due to its inexperience in the gaming industry and its history of releasing products that weren't up to modern quality standards. Just a few years ago, the studio released a free-to-play shooter called "Crucible" that was so bad it was subsequently pushed back into a closed beta and eventually pulled from the market altogether (via The Verge). And though the studio has since somewhat pulled itself together and released some quality titles, there have still been issues with these games. In particular, its most popular game, "Lost Ark," is currently affected by a game-breaking bug.

In early November after the in-game servers were taken down for maintenance purposes, many "Lost Ark" players reported a bug that caused them to randomly disconnect from games for apparently no reason. Though the bug was eventually flagged for investigation by the development team, it appears that the bug still lacks a fix, despite "Lost Ark" receiving a massive patch that should've addressed it.

Lost Ark players are furious over the disconnection glitch despite patch

On November 15, Amazon Games unveiled a huge patch for "Lost Ark" slated to go live at midnight of the following day. The extensive "Feast or Friends" update featured changes to essentially all of the game's core functions and even added some new content for players to enjoy. The patch notes did not address a fix for the disconnect bug, however, and player reactions on the game's forums indicate that the problem remains present.

One user said that while the latest "Lost Ark" patch was extensive and mostly a net positive for the game and its quality, the fact that the game-breaking disconnection issue wasn't fixed essentially made it useless for most players. Comments like these became abundant with most comments coming to the same consensus — the patch is exciting at face value, but the game is pretty much unplayable unless the disconnection issues are addressed. After some back and forth among the players, "Lost Ark" community manager Roxxy stepped in and alerted them that the development team was still actively working on the issue. "Hey there, we'll be monitoring the disconnect issue following the update," Roxxy said. "Please keep us posted and let us know if you continue to see the problem tomorrow."

According to recent comments in the forums, the issue continued to be an issue into the following day and has yet to receive a fix.