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Nintendo NX: The Features We Want

The world is ready for Nintendo's newest console, codenamed the "NX," to be released sometime in 2016. There have been scant details revealed about the project, but rumors have been circulating non-stop. Some of these rumors claim that the NX will be a portable/home console hybrid and that it will even bring back the use of cartridges rather than discs for games, but Nintendo's been mum when it comes to confirming any details.

While we dream of the release of a brand new Nintendo console that will hopefully blow the Wii U out of the water and truly welcome the company to the new generation of gaming, let's ponder a bit on what we really want out of the NX.


Backwards compatibility

Our need for backwards compatibility is a given, because the Wii U has been around since 2012 and some of us have amassed a bit of a collection. It would be awesome to be able to play some of the console exclusives like Splatoon on the NX, although we don't want to hold our collective breath on that one, since Nintendo will be re-releasing games like Super Smash Bros. on the new console. Still, we wouldn't mind a bit of emulation or something that could let us play Wii U games on the NX, just so we'd be able to feel like the purchases weren't total losses during the last generation of gaming.

Better voice chat options

If there's one thing we would've loved on the Wii U, it would've been private party chats and in-game chat for most if not all titles. We understand Nintendo's stance on being family friendly and wanting to keep strangers online at bay for younger players, but it'd be nice to trash talk our friends during a frantic match in Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Dedicated voice chats would also help a lot when it comes to cooperative games like Splatoon, where you'll want to talk to your teammates in order to formulate plans against the opposing team, or just have a solid flow of communication to help your team function as a single unit. We hope the NX will allow for more in-game chatter, because it is desperately needed.

A strong library of games

This is a no-brainer, but we'd like to see a stronger library of content on the NX, specifically when it launches. One of the criticisms against the Wii U was that it didn't have a great deal of games at launch. Although it had heavy hitters like Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, there were very few first-party exclusives at launch that inspired a lot of excitement, and the third-party blockbusters had already been available on other consoles. We're hoping that the NX starts out strong with a lineup of launch titles that will make us actually think carefully on what to get first.

Support for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs

While we're fairly certain that the NX will, like the Wii U, support apps and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, we're still not sure if it will use optical discs. The Wii U uses proprietary optical discs with a capacity of 25GB, so upgrading to a Blu-Ray disc with a capacity of 50GB seems like the logical move, right? As of this writing, it hasn't been revealed whether or not the NX will use optical discs at all, or even revert to cartridges, but it would be nice to be able to pop in a Blu-Ray disc and plop down on the couch to watch a movie rather than pray for it to be available on Netflix.

More games running at a native 1080p

One of our biggest wishes for the NX is for it to be able to run most of its games at a native 1080p resolution, and at 60 fps. Sure, Super Smash Bros. does this right now on Wii U, but it's also a first-party exclusive that doesn't really push the envelope when it comes to graphics, although it is very pretty. But our hope is that games like the upcoming Legend of Zelda, as well as many other third-party titles, will run native 1080p at 60 fps, giving us a smooth gaming experience while being very easy on the eyes. Just think about Link cutting fields full of grass as smoothly as a hot knife cuts through butter. Yeah, we want that.

An optional VR component

While it isn't completely necessary, we wouldn't mind seeing a bit of virtual reality available for the NX. Yes, it's kind of gimmicky and there wouldn't be a ton of support for it, but we just can't help but want to jump into the worlds of Nintendo games. And if the NX really is a portable/home console hybrid, then it would be pretty cool to strap the portable onto something like the Samsung Gear VR and explore Hyrule on horseback, or fly an Arwing as if you were actually in the cockpit. We don't expect to see it, nor do we think it would be inexpensive, but a VR component could open up a whole new world for Nintendo games.

A better controller

The Wii U has a GamePad and a Pro Controller, both of which are fine peripherals that offer plenty of features. However, we'd like to see Nintendo step it up with its NX controller. One of the biggest complaints about the Pro Controller is its lack of pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons. This might not seem like a big deal, but it's an important feature to have when it comes to racing games and other titles in which subtle changes in movement are critical for success. We'd also enjoy better connectivity for other accessories, like a jack for headsets, because that kind of small change would be crucial for a better online gaming experience with our friends. We can only hope Nintendo helps all of this come to fruition.