This Fact About The Xbox 360 Is Making Gamers Feel Old

To some, the release of the Xbox 360 feels like it was just a few years ago. Thanks to one Twitter user, however, those people are probably feeling a little older now. In a post that has fans turning their heads, @Bhaal_Spawn put into perspective just how long it's been since the 360's November 22, 2005 release. They pointed out, "The Xbox 360 (2005) is now as old as the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis (1988) was when the Xbox 360 came out. That's right; the landmark SEGA console — first released in 1988 and touting "blast processing" as a major selling point — was 17 years old in 2005. And now we've crossed that length of time again since the launch of the Xbox 360.


This is yet another moment when one comes to the startling realization that the 1980s and 1990s were decades ago, not just a few years ago. As expected, some people on Twitter had some fun reactions to the reminder that they're getting old. One person simply replied with a hilarious, "Ouch, my age hurts." Another user requested an end to such posts and insisted that they are "eternally young and pretty like a Disney princess."

The Xbox brand has evolved quite a bit a long way since its early days in the console market. Unfortunately for gamers, those days are much further away than they might want to admit.