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Warzone 2: The Best RPK Loadout

The Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova — more commonly known as the RPK — is a staple of the "Call of Duty" franchise. Since its debut in 2010's "Call of Duty: Black Ops," the RPK has been one of the more popular selections in multiplayer settings when it comes to the light machine gun class, due to its accuracy and stopping power. This is especially true in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2." In-game, the RPK is described as possessing "a long, heavy barrel, high ammo capacity, and steel receiver capable of sustained full-auto fire without loss in accuracy."


Given its versatility, there are two viable options that players can use if using the RPK in multiplayer modes is the way they'd like to go. One involves ignoring the RPK's status as a light-machine gun designation and essentially turning it into an atypical assault rifle by boosting the mobility the player has when using it. The other involves improving stats such as range and accuracy in order to provide your team with good support fire while they're in the proverbial trenches. Either of these strategies can be very effective, which is why they've both been chosen as the best RPK loadouts players can use in "Modern Warfare 2."

The best RPK loadout turns it into an assault rifle

Writing for Early Game, Lukas Ballat seeks to turn the RPK into something more akin to the weapon's close relatives, the AK. For the barrel attachment, users are recommended to fit the RPK with the KAS-10 584mm Barrel and tune it +0.5 lbs. and -0.39 in. on the recoil steadiness and sight max, respectively. As for the laser, the Schlager PEQ Box IV is the optimum choice. The True Tac Grip should be fitted to the rear with an aim down sight max of -1.00 oz., while the sprint to fire max is tuned to -0.45 in. A 30-round magazine and a lightly tuned VX Pineapple underbarrel complete the setup.


"With this setup we're basically trying to turn it into an assault rifle," Ballat says. "The muzzle and underbarrel help us massively with recoil control, while all other attachments focus on making the RPK faster." As for the perks that you should equip, Ballat recommends equipping Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened as your Base, Fast Hands as your Bonus, and Ghost as your Ultimate. These perks all play in the current meta for "Modern Warfare 2" and increase reload times, provide a passive buff against grenades, and protect against the opposing team using UAVs.

Alternatively, the RPK can be adjusted to optimize range and accuracy

While the aforementioned build focuses on gaining mobility while wielding the RPK, another viable option is increasing the weapon's range and accuracy. This effectively doubles down on the RPK's strengths while ignoring mobility all together. Writing for Gfinity Esports, Jon Nicholson provides an alternative loadout that adds buffs to these categories.


As far as the barrel and optics go, Nicholson recommends the TAC 597 Barrel and XRK On-Point Optic, respectively. The Heavy Support Stock is recommended for the user's stock option, while the TV Wrecker Grip is seen as being the best underbarrel while the True-Tac Grip returns as the optimal choice for the rear grip attachment. When it comes to perks, Double Time and Bomb Squad are recommended as the Base. Like Ballat's loadout, Nicholson also recommends Fast Hands as the Bonus perk, but elects to go with Quick Fix as the Ultimate, which triggers health regeneration with each successful kill.