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Warzone 2.0 Players Are Saying This Skin Is Pay-To-Win

Few, if any, "Call of Duty" skins have been more controversial than Roze from "Call of Duty: Warzone." Roze wore an all-black suit, black face mask and black paint, drastically lowering her visibility in matches and therefore giving that player a massive advantage in many maps. Thanks to a patch, the brightness of the Roze outfit was upped by a whopping 70 percent, evening the playing field and fixing the operator. It looks like the developers over at Activision are going to need to issue a similar patch for "Warzone 2.0," thanks to a new skin fans have already dubbed "Roze 2.0." 


The newly released Los Angeles Thieves Pack for "Warzone 2.0" includes designs from the LA Thieves "Call of Duty" pro team. A new operator skin included in the pack can be made all-black (aside from the big "LA" logo on the chest), just like Roze. A gameplay video being passed around on Reddit all but proves the skin can make a player invisible in many situations, particularly when there's low lighting. 

Plenty of players have already voiced their displeasure with the release of the new skin on social media, while others have sung its praises. "So @100Thieves just made the Roze 2.0 Skin for WZ2. You know sweats, ratty gamers, and cheaters gonna be all over it," one user wrote. "Put on the LA Thieves Roze 4.0 CDL skin and have won my last 4 games in a row and haven't had a single crash," another tweeted.


According to CharlieIntel, the new pack has been climbing Steam's best-selling list. In others words, look to see the so-called Roze 2.0 in a game soon, if you haven't already.