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The Most Powerful Marvel Snap Cards So Far

Within the pages of Marvel comics, a countless number of incredibly powerful characters have been introduced. That power, in some cases, reaches infinite, cosmic proportions. The new hit mobile game "Marvel Snap" has no qualms about featuring these powerful characters. 


The card battler/collector features short, three-minute matches between two different players. Each players has six rounds to play cards of various levels of Power at three different locations. A player can win a location by having more Power there and can win the game by winning two of the three locations. 

Now, Power isn't the only important factor to consider when playing. "Marvel Snap" cards also have various unique abilities that can tilt the battle in one's favor by increasing the Power of other cards, destroying enemy cards, and so on. So, when it comes to the most useful "Snap" cards, there are plenty of lower-Powered options with incredible abilities that deserve consideration. 

A card with 20 Power (but there's a catch)

By far, the most powerful card in "Marvel Snap" is the Infinaut. In Marvel lore, the Infinaut is an incredibly large extra-dimensional being. His power in the comics is immense and this is reflected with a Power of 20 in the game. There's a catch if you want to play the Infinaut, however. To do so, you need to have not played a card the prior turn.


Now, just because you have to sacrifice a turn doesn't mean you have to waste one. Many players cleverly choose to play Infinaut alongside Sunspot. In "Marvel Snap," the Sunspot card gains 1 Power for every point of Energy you don't use each round. So, if you choose not to play any cards in round five in order to play Infinaut in round six, your Sunspot will go from a Power of 1 to a Power of 6. If you combine these two cards, things will probably go well for you. 

The Iron Avenger

The next most powerful card in "Marvel Snap" is Iron Man. Whenever the player places Iron Man at a location, the Power of that location is instantly doubled. What makes the Iron Avenger even more valuable is that he costs five Energy points rather than six, meaning you still get to play a powerful card afterwards. Now, there is one drawback to playing Iron Man, however. He may be able to double the Power of other cards at his location, but has no Power himself. 


So, if you're really going to make Iron Man work, you're going to need to pair him with some high-Powered cards. There are plenty such cards out there, including many of the ones on this list. If you're looking for lower-cost high-Power cards, however, use options like Lizard, Crossbones, and Maximus. If you're feeling really nasty, you can pair Iron Man with Onslaught, doubling his effect and therefore quadrupling the Power at Iron Man's location.

An Asgardian hero

Next on the list of powerful cards is undoubtedly Heimdall. There are a number of cards that gain more Power every time you move them during a "Marvel Snap" match. If your deck is filled with cards such as this, Heimdall is the perfect ringer. The Asgardian god moves all of the player's cards one location to the left. Now, if your deck isn't filled with cards that gain more Power when they move, Heimdall loses his effectiveness. So, here are some cards to add to your Heimdall deck. 


First off, you're going to need Vulture and Multiple Man. Vulture gains 5 Power every time he moves and Multiple Man leaves a copy of himself at the previous location he was at each time he moves. Another great card to add would be the Human Torch. The card for this Fantastic Four member doubles in Power every time it moves to a different location. Mix into your deck a few other cards that move other cards, such as Doctor Strange and Iron Fist, and you'll be good to go.

Death, Apocalypse, and other powerhouses

The other most powerful cards are Death, which has 12 Power and costs one less Energy point for every card destroyed; the famous "X-Men" villain Apocalypse, which gains 4 Power every time its discarded, and Arnim Zola, which has the ability to destroy a friendly card and copy it at both other locations. Each of these cards synergize with a number of less powerful options in the game. For Death, make sure to grab cards that destroy others, such as Carnage, Venom, and Deathlok. With Apocalypse, use cards that discard others from your deck, such as Sif, Swordmaster, and Blade.


Arnim Zola has a number of cards that pair well with him, but two in particular stand out: Wong (which has the ability to double the reveal of cards played on the same space) and Black Panther (which doubles in Power upon reveal). If placed alongside those two cards, Arnim Zola will destroy them and add them to the other two locations. Wong's ability will then cause Black Panther's to trigger three times, giving you two Black Panthers with 32 Power on the playing field.