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The Hilarious God Of War Scene Left On The Cutting Room Floor

When Sony's Santa Monica Studio rebooted "God of War" back in 2018, the results were better than just about anyone had imagined. While most of the previous entries had been well-received, the reboot's change in tone and setting brought some much-needed nuance and subtlety to the carnage-fueled series. Giving Kratos something to fight for and, moreover, something to lose added layers to the character that were hard to imagine in the blood-soaked, rage-powered early years of the franchise. 

Those layers are happily explored by the actors bringing these characters to life, including Christopher Judge as Kratos and Danielle Bisutti (Freya), who took the characters through the lows and highs of the "God of War" story. However, that doesn't mean that there weren't aspects of the latter entries left on the cutting room floor. In a clip that fans might have missed, the pair shared a hilarious off-the-cuff moment that could have totally changed the tone of the game.

There could have been more one more expletive in God of War

As revealed in the intensive "God of War – Raising Kratos" documentary on the making of the 2018 game, there were more than a few early ideas or improvisations that didn't make the final cut of the reboot. One of the most entertaining, though, came from a line that voice actor Christopher Judge seemingly riffed on after being told by Freya to go gather some ingredients from her garden.

First, Freya tells the protagonist, "You better work, Kratos," immediately setting the tone for a funnier take on the scene. "Fine. Lamb's cress," Kratos remarks, scoffing under his breath. "I'm a ***king God of War!" Clearly, the improvised line from Judge was appreciated by several members of the cast and crew on set as well, as there was a burst of laughter in the background after Judge said it. Danielle Bissuti even quips, "That's amazing! I hope you guys keep that."

While the line unfortunately didn't make the final cut, the fact that it exists at all is no doubt a source of meme-worthy joy for many fans of the "God of War" franchise. Despite the somber tone of the last few games, the thought of Kratos regularly tearing Freya, Mimir, and others a new one sounds like it would make for an entertaining alternate cut.