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The Sega Saturn Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

When people think about the failed SEGA Saturn, titles like "SEGA Rally Championship" and "Nights into Dreams" are among the games that often come to mind. Among those that often don't, on the other hand, is actually the console's longest game. Within the wider gaming community, this 1997 JPRG is perhaps the SEGA Saturn's best-kept secret that offers a lengthy experience on par with the RPGs of today.

The game in question, according to HowLongToBeat, is "Grandia." Released in Japan in 1997 and North America in 1999, the game's average completionist run takes about 74 hours. The main story on its own is a little over 41 hours, and a more balanced experience of the main story and side content will require nearly 60 hours from players. The game was even successful enough to warrant multiple sequels and spin-offs. Had there not been a 2019 remaster of "Grandia," however, the series could have been forgotten over time.

The large map selection contributes to Grandia's length

In "Grandia," players assume the role of Justin, an adventurer. After sneaking into some old ruins one night, Justin discovers a holographic image of a woman named Liete. Justin is told to travel the world in search of Alent, the ancient city where she lives. The 3D RPG allows the player to explore multiple biomes and the combat is a variation of the turn-based style. Joined by a party of companions, the player can also explore large dungeons during their time with the game.

When the game finally made its way to North America, it was a critical hit. Peter Bartholow said it "beats out FF7 in all of the ways that matter" in his GameSpot review in 2000. He noted that the biomes in "Grandia" had more character than those in "Final Fantasy 7," which he described as "cookie-cutter towns." Additionally, Bartholow praised the game's companions for their memorable personalities.

This diverse landscape and biome map are what contribute to the game's length. There are several regions, including Messina, Western Elencia, Lost World, Eastern Elencia, and special maps of different dungeons. Within each region are several areas to individually be explored, totaling in 49 mini maps (via Njoy).