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Expert Tips Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion Doesn't Tell You

"Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion" has finally arrived for the many legions of "Final Fantasy" fans who missed it when it originally released on Sony's PSP handheld. Spruced up with a graphical overhaul that makes the original game look quaint by comparison, fully-voiced dialogue, and plenty of quality-of-life improvements, the spin-off title has never been more accessible for fans, whether they've played it before or are just diving in for the first time.


All the same, like with any massive action-RPG title, there are going to be some serious learning curves for players as they dive into "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion." With that in mind, it might be beneficial to have a leg up with some beginner's tips. Some of the following concepts might seem familiar to folks who played the original, but the following hints may prove most useful for players who are just getting acquainted with the city of Midgar and its surrounding areas.

You can dodge around more attacks than you might think

Early on in "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion," it might seem like some of the more flashy and colorful enemy attacks might be impossible to dodge, especially in boss battles. The truth is that almost every enemy move can be dodged, countered, or reduced in some way.


Still, do not underestimate Zack's dodge roll; it's surprisingly effective in way more situations than you might have initially expected. From gunfire, to blasts of magic, to massive cleaver swings and tail swipes from giant bosses, nearly every attack can be avoided by the dodge roll if you time it just right. Of course, the key to utilizing the skill to its highest extent comes with experimentation. All the same, with a bit of practice, even the most insurmountable boss fights will become more manageable once you get used to the timing.

If you're struggling, play (and replay) side missions for a bit

There are all kinds of side missions in "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion," which start to unlock after you've completed the first couple of chapters. Whether it be exploring your surroundings thoroughly in each chapter or making sure you engage with all of the seemingly unimportant conversations with NPCs, there is no shortage of ways to unlock new missions as you progress through the game. Talk to everyone.


Furthermore, not only can you gain experience from playing through these events, but they can also be replayed at your leisure to upgrade Materia, gather more Soldier Points, or obtain other benefits along the way. With this in mind, make sure to double-check your mission logs. If you find yourself struggling at any time during the main story missions of "Reunion," be sure and check if you're sitting on a pile of unfinished missions. There's no shame in slowing down a bit and even redoing missions, because it all serves to make you stronger.

Healing items and spells are cheap, effective, and plentiful

When you're starting out any RPG, it makes sense to be conservative with items and aids — who knows when you'll luck into slaying an enemy with a helpful healing drop? As it turns out, you don't need to worry about that too much after the early parts of the game, as the game offers a ton of opportunities to top off your stats and stay in the fight. "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion" keeps things simple for players by allowing full access to a growing list of shops from the very start of the journey. In the shop section of your menu, you can purchase potions, remedies, and other items as needed at just about any time outside of an active mission.


This means you don't need to be stingy with your healing items, especially as Potions go for a mere 50 gil a piece. Furthermore, as save points and mission checkpoints regularly refill your MP and AP, you don't need to worry about using them up very much, either.

Finally, be sure and keep an eye on the DMW effects during battle, as they regularly have 0 MP Cost/0 AP Cost bonuses that allow you to temporarily use spells or techniques for free. These can be incredibly effective, especially in the more challenging boss encounters.

There's a New Game Plus mode in case you miss anything

There are so many missable bits and bobs spread throughout "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion." As such, players might find themselves worrying about losing out on unlocking missions, shops, and side content, or else messing up one of the many limited events that are tied to certain trophies or achievements.


If this sounds like you, then you needn't stress out. Though it's not exactly advertised heavily in the first runthrough, "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion" has a New Game Plus mode that unlocks after you've completed the game for the first time. Like in "Final Fantasy 7 Remake," this makes the prospect of going back for things you may have missed a lot less daunting.

Furthermore, the feature gives you some breathing room with regard to Hard Mode, as it's much more conquerable with your New Game Plus stats. With this in mind, players don't need to sweat the FOMO blues while they make their way through Zack's adventure for the first time.