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The Most Frustrating Boss In The Resident Evil Franchise

The "Resident Evil" series has seen its fair share of monsters over the years. The series' wild story follows the continued experiments of the villainous Umbrella Corporation and various offshoots, which more often than not result in the creation of hideous creatures hellbent on the destruction of mankind.

Most of these monsters end up being faced by players in a climactic boss battle or two. Some of the series' iconic bosses include hulking monstrosities like Nemesis and Mr. X, as well as gooey mutants like the Leech Queen and Uroboros Mkono. These bosses are usually considerably stronger than the protagonist from a physical standpoint, meaning one wrong move can see your health gauge heavily reduced — or worse. And considering the "Resident Evil" franchise's roots in survival horror, many of these encounters can get extra stressful if players find themselves low on ammo and supplies. 

Even so, there is one boss encounter in the "Resident Evil" series that stands out for feeling so heavily stacked in the bad guy's favor. It's time to talk about why the final showdown with Mother Miranda is such a pain in the neck.

Mother Miranda puts up a grueling fight in Resident Evil Village

Mother Miranda might not be the most obvious choice for most frustrating "Resident Evil" boss. Sure, Nemesis might take the cake as one of the biggest brutes/bullet sponges of the series, but the sheer number of attacks and evasive maneuvers at Miranda's disposal make winning the end battle in "Village" a tricky proposition, especially if you don't have any strong ranged weapons at your disposal. By the time Ethan Winters finally faces off against Mother Miranda, it's safe to say that players are ready to see him take out the villainous cult leader/mad scientist. However, that's easier said than done, as the Mold that infects Miranda has given her almost godlike abilities, making her unique even among the bizarre monsters in "Resident Evil Village."

Miranda's long talons are tailor-made for slashing poor Ethan to ribbons, and she moves quicker than many other villains in the game. However, it's when she takes to the skies above the cramped battleground that things get especially difficult. Not only will you have to dodge moldy roots bursting from the ground, but you'll need to expend precious bullets to halt the fiery balls of goo she begins raining down from above. If you miss one, the resulting explosion will whittle down Ethan's health and mean an infuriating waste of ammo. Eventually, she'll envelop the arena in darkness, allowing her to make even quicker and stealthier strikes.

The key to this battle is patience. Players have to learn her patterns, keep moving constantly, and above all else, be a crack shot under pressure. It's not going to be easy, but Ethan has to get his daughter back somehow.