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This Half-Life 2 Model Has Seriously Disturbing Origins

Fans have embraced the "Half-Life" franchise by making their own mods and creating new content for the entries to this day, even as they continue to question whether they'll ever get to experience "Half-Life 3." This ardent community has kept "Half-Life" alive. As such, Valve's physics-based FPS series continues to indoctrinate legions of new fans into the Combine, despite the fact that the company has only released a single new entry, "Half-Life: Alyx," over the course of the last 15 years.


The community may have helped "Half-Life" endure for over a decade, but that doesn't mean it always approves of Valve's design decisions. Case in point: A corpse model featured in both "Half-Life 2" and the popular "Garry's Mod" appears to have drawn inspiration from a real dead body. The fact that this revelation seems to have come to light by pure coincidence years after the game released makes this story even stranger.

Model reportedly pulled from a real-life medical textbook

As reported by TheGamer, a model in "Half-Life 2" is allegedly based on an actual cadaver from a medical textbook. The discovery was made on Reddit, after a user posted what they called "some pretty gnarly forensic photographs." A "Half-Life" fan happened to go through the thread who noticed that the picture looked a lot like a model from "Half-Life 2" and a skin that can be seen in the "Garry's Mod" version of the game.


The name of the file is "corpse01.mdl" and at least one modder has already sprung into action to pull it from "Garry's Mod," showing that this surprising origin clearly isn't sitting right with some members of the fanbase. The mod in question replaces the model with a new one that mixes up elements of Kleiner and Doctor Breen, possibly as a quick solution to this admittedly strange problem.