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How Applebee's Is Breaking High On Life

Squanch Games' "High on Life" has divided critics with its signature "Rick and Morty"-style humor and constant crossing of invisible lines. From a gameplay perspective, the first-person comedy shooter has also contained a few bugs here and there. One bug, however, borders on game-breaking, as it sees players getting stuck inside Space Applebee's. In the "Blim City Invasion" mission, the player will find themselves at Space Applebee's inquiring about one of its employees, Tweeg. After learning that Tweeg hasn't been coming to work, the player and Kenny — your Gatlien companion — will find a table in the restaurant and begin having a rather intense conversation.


In typical "High on Life" fashion, things don't stay calm for long, and the player is later alerted by Tweeg attempting to kidnap their in-game sister Lizzie outside of Space Applebee's. The player is then instructed to quickly pay their tab and rush out to save Lizzie. At least, this is how the mission is supposed to go. However, many "High on Life" players have encountered a glitch during this mission that prevents them from progressing and moving forward with the story. 

Players are getting stuck in Space Applebee's

During the "Blim City Invasion" mission, players have reported getting stuck inside of Space Applebee's, finding themselves unable to continue through the game. On Reddit, user u/rharrow said that while it was cool that a Space Applebee's existed in the first place, getting stuck inside, unable to progress, was a frustrating experience. Rharrow also mentioned that they couldn't find a fix for the issue, as uninstalling and reinstalling the game did nothing to alleviate the problem. Replies to Rharrow's post reported that others were experiencing the same issue. One Redditor managed to briefly escape Space Applebee's, only to be teleported back inside of it with the doors closed shut and no discernable way to get out.


While a bug like this would typically be seen as only a minor inconvenience — an amusing one even — the fact that players can't find a way out of it unfortunately makes it a bug of the game-breaking variety. Of course, in many walkthroughs of the "Blim City Invasion" mission, there have been no issues with advancing so it's safe to say that many, if not most, players haven't come across this issue. However, given the frequency of this bug popping up, it's obviously a significant issue that will need patching from Squanch Games if the players affected wish to finish their "High on Life" playthrough.