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How To Get Golden Mario In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" has an impressive roster of characters to play as, including some fun guest characters – 35 to be exact, and that's not including the 22 alternate character costumes that are available. One of the most lucrative characters to play is Gold Mario, an alternate version of Metal Mario. He's just as lucrative as he is cool, but players have to work a bit in order to get him on their team.


Gold Mario is a heavy character, presumably because Gold happens to weigh quite a lot. According to the "Mario Kart" fandom page, this means that Gold Mario is extremely fast, but his acceleration and handling are low. This makes him hard to control or get back going when he inevitably gets hit with a shell.

Most players won't just naturally unlock him. It requires a bit of hard work and time, especially since you've got to play through (and win) every cup in the game multiple times.

Unlocking Gold Mario

In order to zoom around the track as Gold Mario, you'll need to unlock the Gold Trophy for all 200cc Cups (via "Mario Kart" fandom). However, before you can take on the 200cc Cups, players have to win Gold Cups in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. To put it in perspective, that's eight cups of four races each that have to be won four times each. Overall, that's 128 races where players have to race at their A-game.


That's assuming that players win all of their races too. Considering "Mario Kart" is notorious for bad-luck races every now and then, odds are players will need to play more than 128 races. Especially considering the speed of 200cc –- some players may need more practice than others just to win these cups.

Overall, unlocking Gold Mario is a time-sink, but it's a fun one for people who love the game. Hopefully, the glorious golden Mario will be seen in "Mario Kart 9."