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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Won't Connect: Here's How To Fix It

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles available, even though its hardware isn't the most advanced. Part of that appeal can be attributed to Nintendo's excellent set of IP, like "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda," but the Switch's portability also makes it easy to pick up and take on the go, no matter where gamers want to play. There's one problem that no one has been able to solve, however – at least not permanently.

The Switch's Joy-Cons, detachable controllers that can be played with on the sides of the Switch in portable mode or hooked to a plastic controller handle in docked mode, don't always cooperate. While there are a variety of third party controllers gamers could pick up, as well as Nintendo's Switch Pro Controller, gamers also might want to know how to fix simple problems with the Joy-Cons on their own. So first thing's first: how can you connect Joy-Cons that just don't want to sync up with the Switch?

Nintendo Support has you covered

Thankfully, there are a few tried and true methods to help gamers. First, if the Joy-Cons aren't registering wirelessly, try attaching them to the Switch to pair them with the console. If that doesn't work, Nintendo's official support site has some additional tips.

First, make sure that the Switch is running the most up to date software possible. If there are any updates available, install them before restarting the Switch and trying again. If that still doesn't work, Nintendo suggests tackling one controller at a time. Press the Sync button on the side of the controller (between the two buttons typically obscured by the wrist strap attachment). Only press the Sync button once, then press any other button on the controller to turn it back on. From there, you can reattach the Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch and see if the system will recognize it.

Nintendo notes that it may take a couple of attempts to get the Switch to pair with the controller. If re-Syncing the controller doesn't work, gamers should contact Nintendo directly for support. It's possible that the Joy-Con may just be in need of a simple repair.